Welcome South Sudan

  zzzz999 12:53 09 Jul 2011

Welcome to the world's newest independent nation. I truly hope this leads to peace and prosperity for that troubled region of the world.

  bremner 13:21 09 Jul 2011

"I truly hope this leads to peace and prosperity for that troubled region of the world"

I predict there is more chance of hell freezing over.

  Legolas 13:54 09 Jul 2011

Very sadly I agree with bremner. Everybody wants peace but it is usually at the expense of somebody else. It was ever thus.

  morddwyd 20:19 09 Jul 2011

Arms dealers all over the world will be booking their flights.

  zzzz999 20:22 09 Jul 2011


well you guys know how to deflate a saturday night

  Legolas 21:12 09 Jul 2011

Sorry Rick'scafe but my rose tinted specs were smashed long ago.

  zzzz999 07:21 10 Jul 2011

So how do you look cool on a sunny day when you are wearing a pink shirt :-)

  Strawballs 10:19 10 Jul 2011

I do hope your right after all the president of the North was at the ceremony so there might be some hope.

  morddwyd 06:25 11 Jul 2011

The honeymoon's over

President of the North warns of possible conflict


  sunnystaines 07:20 11 Jul 2011

have they joined the giveaway of aid packages from the UK yet I am sure we will give them the odd billion to add to our own debt crisis.

  daz60 07:47 11 Jul 2011

They have independence of sorts but in an unstable area can this "peace" enable a solid viable nation to progress.Now that President Bashir is "free" of concerns for his southern flank does this mean he can continue with the decimation of Darfur.?? Interesting how Netanyahu jumped in to recognise this fledgling "state" so he could quickly negotiate the return of refugees.

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