Weekly rubbish collection 'may end'

  whatustaring@ 10:43 16 Mar 2007

so now the goverment want to stop weekly collections eh is this realy a money saving scheme...???

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  Kate B 11:26 16 Mar 2007

OK, two things. First, waste collection is run by your local authority, not the government.

Second, you haven't read the story properly. It's writing up two separate reports, one of which was commissioned by the government which has found that there wouldn't be health hazard if rubbish were collected less regularly. We can debate that separately in a minute.

The second report points the rather amazing level of waste in food.

Neither of these are even remotely about policy. They're reports, one of which throws up some slightly iconoclastic thinking. So the government is not about to end weekly waste collection (actually, my council does two regular rubbish collections and one recycling collection a week). It's always a good idea to read beyond the top line before forming an opinion.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 16 Mar 2007

My local council already does most of the things stated in the report.

Waste one week recycling the next,and garden rubbish the day after recycling during summer months. Gets a little smelly in summer (my garden is too small for a composter).

  spuds 12:14 16 Mar 2007

Kate B. You must be one of the lucky few who have three collections by a council per week. In our particular situation we have one a week, not counting the missed weeks due to holidays or a slight fall of snow. Our neighbouring council have just change their collection procedures to once every fortnight, on the basis of one week recyclable waste and next week domestic waste.Previously two vehicles arrived on the same day per same week, and each dealt with their own disposal procedure.Not any longer.

  jack 12:18 16 Mar 2007

Kate 'B' is correct- they are reports the local authority must make its own arrangements.
What logic lies behind reducing the collection frequency fails me to get through to me.
We are not going to halve our volume - therefore the collectors will be collecting twice as much[or the same as weekly]per fortnight.
As stated- ,those folk that fill their bins weekly - where will the following weeks waste go? and If the waste teams fill their vehicles on the weekly collection which takes 5 days to do- what are they going to do on a fourteen day cycle - twice the manpower twice the vehicles?
This i another case of desk jockeys doing sums and getting their facts and figures wrong.
This was borne out by our local council who announced a decision to go fortnightly based on a 'survey' taken in the town
It was pointed out that no such survey was undertaken- there were no clipboard folk knocking on doors or the like.
The firm employed to do this this work simply supplied a 'statistical' report.
Result - scheme scrubbed - stick to weekly collection.

  Pine Man 12:31 16 Mar 2007

I have had fortnightly collections for a couple of years now.

Waste one week and recycling the next. When it started we had a choice of bin size and it all works perfectly well. Both bins are large enough for two weeks waste and if, for example, I go on holiday I chuck some bags up at the local Civic Amenity site so that they aren't rotting while I'm away.

I also now get the same day for collection each week rather than the days changing when Bank Holidays interfere.

The basic message really is if you want more collections you have got to be prepared to pay for them.

Nobody likes big Council Tax bills and this change has been one of the many ways to keep costs down.

No - I don't work for the local authority!

  riiverstock 12:36 16 Mar 2007

We use plastics bin bags, pink for the rubbish and clear for the recycling.
Earlier in the week I realised that we had run out of the recycling bags so I used a pink rubbish one.Then on collection day I stuck a big sign on the bag saying 'Recycling Material Only'.

Yes they left it at the gate!
Why bother?

  robgf 12:46 16 Mar 2007

My area has also had fortnightly collections for quite a few years, it doesn't cause any problems. Providing you use a bit of common sense and wrap waste meat products and the like in a plastic bag.
And disinfect your bin one, or twice a year.

For the system to work you do need wheely bins, for waste and recycling and preferably one for garden waste, to compost. The little recycling boxes that some councils use, are useless and blow away on the first windy day.

The fortnightly system does have the advantage of forcing people to recycle, as they can't get all their rubbish in the normal bin.

  Kate B 13:08 16 Mar 2007

Blimey, I hadn't realised that collections had been cut quite so hard in some areas!

  MichelleC 13:42 16 Mar 2007

Kingston Council are using Tolworth as a tester for fortnightly refuse and weekly recyclable collections.

My collection is still refuse weekly and recyclables fortnightly. I don't mind if it changes. We use a wheely bin which can hold 3 black bags. We've cut down refuse from 3 to 1 bag a week, with lots of recyclables. Anthing which rots goes in the compost.

I think it's the councils' ways of encouraging us to recycle more. How we keep it hygienic and rat-free isn't hard.

  medicine hat 13:51 16 Mar 2007

No bins, only bags, used in my area also. Often see many black garbage bags outside houses with the current weekly collections. It would be terrible if my LA decided to go fortnightly.

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