zzzz999 06:43 21 Sep 2010

A friend has just returned from her daughter's wedding in Zante, Greece (neither the bride nor the groom are Greek). The entire wedding party (about 20 people) went out a week beforehand; the wedding was Saturday just passed, the poor woman is now back in Glasgow and spent last night regaling the Mrs about it.

The poor groom has a family from hell (she would say that :D ). Both of his brothers spent the week tapping people for money, his father spent the entire week drunk and trying to seduce our friend (friend's husband has been awarded the Legion d'Honour for his restraint :-) ) and his mother spent the week fighting with everyone. Mother in Law's finest moment, however, came during the ceremony. The 'Happy' couple had choosen a Greek ceremony which appears to involve amongst other things the Best Man placing the ring on the bride's finger and the Chief Bridesmaid placing the ring on the groom's finger - at this point Mother in law interupts the service to check that 'Zorba knows who the f*** he's marrying'

Got me thinking to the day the Mrs and I got hitched at Park Circus, the couple before us were dressed as Elvis and Priscilla and dad in laws teeth fell out during the dinner ;D

  morddwyd 07:39 21 Sep 2010


What's unusual? lol.

  sunnystaines 08:43 21 Sep 2010

back in 77 we were young money was scarce and a registry office was all we could afford. no regrets.

  interzone55 09:08 21 Sep 2010

A good friend took his lady off to Antigua to be married just to avoid this kind of situation. Just them, the vicar and a local wino as witness. They bought the witness a suit for the occasion and when they went back a year later he was still wearing it.

Anyway, good idea for a quite wedding, but then they came back and had a blessing the week after, with full reception etc and the rows broke out, the bride's mother hates the groom's family, the groom's family hate the bride's mother etc. I really don't know why they bothered with the blessing...

  birdface 09:12 21 Sep 2010

It was a registry office one for me and when the wife said.
I take this man to be my Awful wedded husband we all had a laugh.
She had to say it again using lawful instead of Awful
But little did she know she was probably right the first time.

  Blackhat 09:40 21 Sep 2010

We chose a Caribbean wedding 15 years ago so as to get away from everyone and do our own thing. Our respective parents have never met to this day. We met a couple in the bar at Heathrow who became our best man & maid of honour; we have never seen them since. 2 weeks all inclusive, wedding package including video & pics, all for less than 3K.

Our marriage got off to a stormy start, we had a hurricane a few days before the wedding and a tornado on the wedding day!

  Bingalau 10:15 21 Sep 2010

Gone are the days of the bride's family sitting on one side of the room with ham on their plates and the groom's family on the other side of the room with spam then?

  johndrew 10:56 21 Sep 2010

We believe all weddings are stressful with many people who seldom meet being present. As a result it is not unusual for there to be many types of friction causing the bride to get drunk, the groom to find he is marrying the wrong person, the best man to reveal 'secrets' that should never see the light of day, the bridesmaids to get overtired and fractious and the in-laws to start a pitched battle as each feels insulted.

Every one else appears to enjoy the 'entertainment' and the owners of the venue simply fill out an insurance claim form.

Yes we went to a wedding very recently and the memories are still very fresh.

Oh happy day!!!!!

  Armchair 18:43 21 Sep 2010

Last one I went to was at a register office, then on to a local pub that the bride and groom both regularly used, for a bit of scran and a few drinks, and that was it. No fuss or drama, and everyone was relaxed and enjoyed it.

I've been to others which are over the top, though. Worst one included an elaborate 'hilarious' seemingly never ending best man's speech complete with video footage. Just awful imo.

  Forum Editor 18:53 21 Sep 2010

I'll overlook the use of the asterisked obscenity in your opening post. It's strictly against the forum rules, so please don't do it again.

Yes, I know I'm a nitpicking spoilsport, but standards are standards - thin end of wedges, etc.

  Armchair 18:59 21 Sep 2010

I assumed it read 'Zorba knows who the flip he's marrying', but I'm probably a bit naive. But happy!

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