Web domains: who needs them?

  realist 22:13 10 May 2006

Is there any reason why a non-business pc user would need their own web domain/hosting/email?

Just want to be sure I'm not missing out on something!

  ade.h 22:29 10 May 2006

Lots of useful reasons. For one thing, having my main personal email addresses on my own domain means that I can keep them exactly the same if I change my ISP.

  Skills 22:31 10 May 2006

Many reasons some I can think of is if that person is say a musician or artist and wants to setup there online persona. Then they will want to have there own dedicated site named as they wish with email addresses that support it.

If someone developes webpages for a hobby or wishes to break into that field then they may well setup there own dedicated site to show off there talents.

Maybe even as simple as just to get an email address with [email protected] or the like

  realist 22:33 10 May 2006

Noted thanks.

So is it costly or complicated to set-up?

Please, as ever, excuse ignorance.

  beynac 22:41 10 May 2006

I use mine to experiment with different ways of building websites. I need to have php, MySQL etc. to be able to do this. Most free ISPs don't provide this (the only one I know of is free.fr).

I use QA Webhosting click here They have a "Hosting for Life offer" for a one-off payment. You then only have to pay for the Nominet registration (£15 every 2 years at the moment, I think).

  ade.h 22:45 10 May 2006

Like beynac, I'm always testing my latest pet project on my webspace.

To answer question, realist - it depends what you want to go for. My ISP incuded a free domain name and fully-featured webspace for no extra cost. I have some other sites hosted with other providers, which are competitively priced. One is £19 ex vat per year and is well featured, but with a few email features missing (such as forwarding) and the other two are about £50 per year.

  Forum Editor 22:48 10 May 2006

for an individual to want his or her own domain name. There's certainly no other reason, unless he/she plans to publish a web site. It's become very much the thing for many people to have their own personal web site, but in truth the large majority are of interest only to the publisher and his/her friends and family.

It's not difficult to obtain a domain name - there are any number of companies who will register one for you for a few pounds, and for a few pounds more each year they'll probably give you a mailbox on the parked name, so you can use a personal email address.

If you want to publish a web site on your name you'll need to have it properly hosted, and that will incur an annual fee - again not a large amount.

  beynac 22:50 10 May 2006

"the large majority are of interest only to the publisher and his/her friends and family".

Certainly true for mine - and I'm not too sure about friends and family!!

  wolfie3000 23:28 10 May 2006

Another reason for me and my buddies anyway is for a clan site the use being we can publish battle times and dates and e-mail other clans for competitions.

for online gaming its a very usefull tool as we (our clan) can invite other clans or groups to battles/challenges and post up the time and date and with the e-mail using the same adress as the site we can e-mail clans with times and dates and they know who is challenging them.

  realist 22:50 16 May 2006

Thanks for replies.

Took advantage of the STRATO offer on this site and grabbed myself a free .eu domain!


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