We need your input for the magazine,

  Forum Editor 17:22 05 Feb 2008

and here are the details - I'm sure we can rely on some interesting feedback, so now,without further ado I'll hand you over to a colleague........

Hello all.

We're adding a new section to PC Advisor in which we look at the best and
most popular websites for a given subject. And we'd like your input.

To start things rolling, let's look at music-download sites. Which ones
would you recommend to your friends and, most importantly, why? Which sites
are most reliable, offer the best service or prices or have the widest range
of tracks? What's your favourite site's unique selling point, and why do you
use it rather than the market-dominating giants?

We're looking for obscure gems as well as famous sites, and we're interested
in niche sites for less-popular genres of music as much as the ones that
cover all bases, or concentrate on chart pop. Finally, it goes without
saying, hopefully, that we're looking for legitimate, above-board download

Argue the case for a site that we put in the mag and you could see your name
in print! You never know, we may be able to dig out a small prize for
whoever recommends the best site, too.

Thanks for your time,
David Price

  dagbladet 17:26 05 Feb 2008

Ooh ooh, will it be an MP3 Player?

OK, OK, yellow card, i'll get my coat.

  Forum Editor 17:29 05 Feb 2008

Stand in the corner until going home time.

And your choice of music download site is?

  Totally-braindead 17:29 05 Feb 2008

I'll have to leave this up to others, I buy CDs and then create MP3s from them so I don't download music I'm afraid.

You could still send me a prize if you like though :-)

  dagbladet 17:36 05 Feb 2008

Fair enough.


I'm not very 'musicy', but if the kids want a track for their MP3 player, I download it off youtube and strip the audio.

  lisa02 17:37 05 Feb 2008

Don't expect to many posts...

if the previous Poll is anything to go by. 14% use itunes, 6.4% use other legit downloads and the rest buy CDs, vinyl or pirate the music.

  Earthsea 17:38 05 Feb 2008

I'm also a CD man, but click here has a few.

Do I get a prize for initiative?

  Bingalau 17:46 05 Feb 2008

I've been using Last.fm for the past few weeks. It seems fine to me, but then I only have it on as soothing background music. I was using an American site for the same purpose but it seems this was illegal and the station can now only play to American audiences. Like most honest people I downloaded it a few years ago and thought it was legitimate. I sometimes download music from iTunes at 79 pence a time. But mostly my music is copied from my collection of Cd's; vinyl records; and even some old 78's. with the aid of an ION USB turntable and audacity software.

  Forum Editor 18:22 05 Feb 2008


1. It's easy to find what I want.

2. Downloads are rapid.

2. The library is huge

3. The site is beautifully designed, and works perfectly.

4. I'm lazy about such things, and iTunes happened to be the first site I used.

  laurie53 20:02 05 Feb 2008

Tried downloading music once- didn't work, like the time I tried to text!

Did manage to use my mobile last week though, to order a pizza to save me waiting.

Ain't technology wonderful?

Best site - click here

Sorry everybody, couldn't resist it!

  Jake_027 20:48 05 Feb 2008

Although its not specifically for music, I find Myspace (click here)really good for different music. It's just really annoying that you already have the bands name to find them(I've just had a look but I can't find a browse by genre option etc). You can't always download as the artist sets this option, but sometimes it has some real gems once you find them. One of my favourite ones I found last year was Alt Track (If you search for it they come up) who have really good music but I can't even remember how I found them. But for my regular music I tend to use itunes for the same reasons as FE, but its annoying that if I buy a song on there I can't put it onto my phone without first burning it to a CD and then reimporting as an MP3. Of course all download sites have their flaws, but itunes is so simple to use and that's why I use it.

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