We need your help on broadband

  Forum Editor 07:43 17 Mar 2007

If you can spare a few minutes, click here and then follow the link to our broadband survey.

The more responses we get the more authoratitive our survey, so please complete it if you can.

Much appreciated. If you've already participated, my apologies for the nag.

  wolfie3000 08:23 17 Mar 2007

job done,

I noticed the part where it asks what you use B.B. for it didnt have online gaming.

  Forum Editor 08:42 17 Mar 2007

Thanks. Sorry about the ommission, I'll pass your comment on.

  STREETWORK 09:16 17 Mar 2007

The last page asks, 'would you mind a member of PCA contacting you'

Would that be 'Yes' I do mind or 'No' I do mind or 'Yes' I don't mind or No 'I don't mind'

Looks like one of those Microsoft error messages which leave you wondering what to do.

Can it be changed to say

'Yes, please contact me'
'No, do not contact me'

Or is it me...

  Forum Editor 09:30 17 Mar 2007


The question is

"Would you mind if a member of the PC Advisor editorial team contacts you for further feedback about your broadband?"

Followed by two options:-

Yes (meaning 'I would mind')


No (meaning 'I wouldn't mind')

Perhaps I'm being particularly dense today,
but I really can't see the problem.

  Jak_1 09:31 17 Mar 2007

Survey done.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:51 17 Mar 2007

but I had to think about the last question for a second too. I agree with STREETWORK on this one.
I agree the answer is clear, but I had to re-read the question, and that is not the indication of a well worded question to me.

I'll get me coat.

  Bingalau 09:52 17 Mar 2007

STREETWORK. Don't be so picky, you know what the question meant. Just complete the survey.

  STREETWORK 10:24 17 Mar 2007

Not being 'picky', just commenting upon question writing technique, bear in mind that not all of us use English as a first language...

  Simsy 10:25 17 Mar 2007

your assesment of the poser put by STREETWORK is how I read the question, and is how I interpreted it, and is in absolute terms correct...

However, to be fair, I had to give it a moments thought, and colloquially we often would answer that sort of question the opposite way...

"Can I call you today, or shall I wait until tomorrow" is the kind of question that is often heard... I realise that's not the question asked, but I don't think STREETWORK has been untoward in raising it... I was thinking of doing so myself!

I'm sure many folk would tick "yes" meaning "Yes, contact me"



  Forum Editor 10:33 17 Mar 2007

we're at fault for using our language correctly. We're writers, and it's what we try to do.

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