we loved it..!!!

  charmingman 23:24 15 May 2008


retro TO THE MAX..

click here

  Earthsea 00:52 16 May 2008

I don't like opening or saving anything I don't have to, so click here is a better link (but no sound, which is probably a good thing).

I remember first playing this on my Tatung Einstein, so thank you for bringing back some pleasant memories.

  DANZIG 06:22 16 May 2008

Probably one of the most addictive games I played as a nipper.

  tullie 13:08 16 May 2008

You shouldent be puttng download links like that o site,i havent got a clue what it is,nor inclined to find out.

  tillybaby 13:30 16 May 2008

Well, I make no apologise for being curious so did follow the link - AND loved it.

  charmingman 14:06 16 May 2008


Ive used this forum long enough to know what to post & what not to post, Whilst i appreciate your cautiousness i can asure you there's nothing to worry about on the link..!!!

I dont think there is a member on this forum that would want to create any hostileness in here..

  Stuartli 15:15 16 May 2008

Just hover your cursor over the Click Here....:-)

  Pine Man 15:30 16 May 2008

I think you are being a bit hard on charmingman - if you look above your post you will see exactly what was being offered.

  charmingman 15:38 16 May 2008



  tullie 17:37 16 May 2008

Everyone is entitled to their opinion,i stand by what i said.Sorry folks.

  Stuartli 19:28 16 May 2008

So are we.

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