We have a problem, and you should know it.

  Forum Editor 13:24 01 Dec 2007

Over the past few months we have seen literally hundreds of new registrations from servers based in mainland China and parts of Eastern Europe. We've monitored these registrations, because we had our suspicions, and sure enough we're seeing an increase in the number of commercial spam postings - many of you will have noticed.

Of course there are things we could do, we could harvest out all registrations from particular locations for instance, but for obvious reasons we don't want to do that. Lots of perfectly genuine forum members come from China and Eastern European countries, and we have no intention of running blanket culls......so we're paying the price.

Over the course of the forum's life certain people have made a habit of emailing me when they spot rogue threads of this nature, and they continue to do so. The purpose of this thread isn't to sound a general call to arms - I don't particularly want to receive thousands of emails about each spam thread - but it's to let you know that we can expect to see more spam posts in the future. We're working on various ways to deal with the problem at source, and for obvious reasons I'm not going to go into that in any detail, but we're on the case.

In the meantime I suggest that the small group of people which has always emailed me continues to do so - you know who you are - and we'll deal with the threads as they crop up. The thread originators will automatically be deleted from our membership database without notice or explanation - those who live by the sword, etc.

  Totally-braindead 13:29 01 Dec 2007

Just a suggestion FE but rather than getting loads of emails about one thread how about if whoever finds a thread spamming if they type something simple like "SPAM FE informed" that would hopefully stop loads of emails being sent to you from various members of the Forum as they could see it has already been dealt with.

Just a thought.

  Forum Editor 13:32 01 Dec 2007

Yes, that's a good idea. Sometimes I get twenty or thirty emails, and although I think it's only polite to send a quick 'thank you' email it can become quite a task - inevitably some people go unthanked.

  Totally-braindead 13:40 01 Dec 2007

I know, I emailed you earlier as some had commented on the thread but no one had said they had contacted you.

You probably got at least half a dozen emails on that post alone so I realise it must be unwieldy and time consumming.

  Seth Haniel 13:43 01 Dec 2007


  anskyber 13:51 01 Dec 2007

Thanks for the heads up.

I was slightly conscious yesterday that I was contacting you rather too often so your thread is well timed from my point of view.

I think Totally-braindead's idea is excellent and I will certainly try to use it if I am the first on a suspect thread. I imagine the very success of PCA (congratulations due) and the regular appearance on page one of Google searches may have encouraged the spammers to join us, otherwise it's good to see the site being well patronised.

  techie4me 14:04 01 Dec 2007

Cheers for the update FE.

  laurie53 19:07 01 Dec 2007

You're obviously doing fairly well, as I can only remember one in recent months.

  MCE2K5 19:08 01 Dec 2007

Thanks FE.
Totally-braindead's idea is excellent.
Will do.
Eye's open wide, with matchsticks.

  crosstrainer 19:15 01 Dec 2007

Totally-braindead, a good trick would be to do as you and I do, post one "do not respond" message on the board, then email the poor old FE :)

  Totally-braindead 13:58 04 Dec 2007

Please read everyone, save the FE from getting loads of emails.

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