We cannae break the laws of physics!!

  interzone55 11:55 09 Jan 2012

I've just read a complete load of rubbish in a PCA news story

"Smartphones and tablets will also recharge faster through USB 3.0, as the power will flow faster than in USB 2.0, Ismail said."

So somehow USB 3.0 lets electricity travel faster than it's current limit of 300,000km a second.

Or maybe next time you should get a quote from somebody in the technical department rather than Marketing, and they'd tell you the USB 3.0 standard can carry more current than USB 2.0 (900mA rather an 500mA) which will speed up recharging times for devices that can support the increased current.

  wiz-king 13:06 09 Jan 2012

I can see lots of 'how do I replace the motherboard fuses?' questions.

  [email protected] 14:41 09 Jan 2012

Power = the rate at which energy is transferred = Current x Voltage.

In USB3.0, more power will be transferred per second than in USB2.0, so yes I'd say it is faster.

The article doesn't state the electrons will flow faster if you want to be pedantic.

  dagbladet 17:22 09 Jan 2012


if I understand your post correctly, stuff does charge faster through USB 3 than 2, but not technically in the way the article describes?

I guess for 'intermediates' like myself, I'm content with "power will flow faster..." I know what that means. Maybe for those like yourself that know about 'wiggly amps' it was factually incorrect and for a technology magazine a bit of a ricket.

  Terry Brown 17:32 09 Jan 2012

Physics also states that matter cannot travel faster than light, but that is based on physics as we understand it today, In the future who knows what developments will be made by science.

Look at science / physics 100 years ago, could you have foretold what life is like today?


  Aitchbee 17:59 09 Jan 2012

If electricity could flow a lot slower, I would be able to get into my bed, before it got dark, after I have flicked off the light switch on the wall.

  birdface 18:10 09 Jan 2012

Terry Brown

[matter cannot travel faster than light]

Maybe I have this wrong but the Hadron Collider just proved that the speed of light is not the fastest.Now whether that was particles or matter I don't know as I am not sure what the difference is.

  Grey Goo 18:27 09 Jan 2012

I can see how saving a couple of minutes will change everything. Same mentality as spending 17 Billion pounds building a new railway to enable passengers to save 20 odd minutes between London and Birmingham,thats when it's working though.

  Wilham 18:58 09 Jan 2012

I agree Alan14's 'PCA news story' can be misleading, but by way of improved design technology USB3 may help to re-charge quicker than earlier versions.

All rechargeable batteries I know have ended their manufacturing processes with several cycles of discharge/charge, it increases the capacity. The factory wants to do this asap. But power fed in is limited to prevent heat damage. Batteries are sluggish when cold, and the warmer parts of X-section conduct more current than the cooler, which exacipates the situation. It can easily get out of hand and cause thermal runaway.

The remedy is twofold... (i) Convey the current as DC pulses. This produces tiny bubbles of gas to self regulate the current, loosely called polarisation. The intervals allow the gas to escape or be chemically depolarised, and heat to disperse.

(ii) Control the max peak current in direct proportion to the to the capacity waiting to be charged. Put simply, the charging fizzles out as soon as fully charged.

Non-professional chargers part provide the above by rectifying A/C. and the o/p voltage peaks are set just above the required battery level. It is slow, lacks the sophisticaion of professional chargers.

I suggest that UB3 brings new sampling s/ware to emulate the factory control, to shorten charging time, to lessen dehydration/heat, and to save energy.

  Aitchbee 20:45 09 Jan 2012

"Scotty to Captain Kirk. BBC2 TV are showin' 'the Hunt for the HIGGS' in fifteen earth minutes".

"Captain to Scotty. It must be a repeat!"

  OTT_B 20:55 09 Jan 2012

Hmmmm. Power will flow faster.....

It could be implying a greater number of watt.hours of electrical energy transfer / consumption, which would be ok.

I don't think I'll lose any sleep over this!

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