We can wish ourselves a happy eighth birthday

  Forum Editor 00:02 10 Dec 2008

if we like - our forum is now eight years old, and going strong.

Way back in December 2000 there were only about 1500 of us, but we were a loyal band - discussing all kinds of things late into the night. We enticed new members into the fold with this snappy little blurb:

"Once you have registered you will have access to forums primed with questions and answers covering four hot categories - from technical queries and general consumer advice to the latest on the magazine"

It worked, and we were soon joined by lots of new members - hundreds at first, but the thousands started ticking up remarkably quickly.

Who except me remembers those far-off days, when Windows 98 was going strong, and Windows ME was the new kid on the block?

  MCE2K5 00:08 10 Dec 2008

FE I can remember Windows 3 and DOS 3.1. Still got them somewhere.

  Forum Editor 00:12 10 Dec 2008

Me too, but I was referring to the far off days in the forum - does anyone remember participating, back in December 2000?

  Geronimo. 00:26 10 Dec 2008

no not me i only go back three years but with another account i lost username of....happy birthday & "Job welldone" peter...

  Quickbeam 06:25 10 Dec 2008

for my first wander in using my real name... Yes it's true, I'm not really called Quickbeam.

System restore on XP kept loosing it's checkpoints. It kept me on top of what seem quite silly problems now, until I started annoying you on this forum:)

Happy birthday.

  wee eddie 06:30 10 Dec 2008

I wasn't around at the beginning, but it still seems like forever.

Thank all those who have helped me out of various, frequently self made, holes.

  rodriguez 07:26 10 Dec 2008

We bought a computer around December 2000 with Windows ME pre-installed. I changed it to XP soon after. ;-)

  Chegs ®™ 07:42 10 Dec 2008

I was hovering about in PCA,trying to encourage my friends to join as then they could see for themselves where I was getting the info to fix my PC(instead of phoning them & asking them to come over & sort my BSOD's)I had a spell as other usernames because I had forgotten my login/lost the URL/killed my PC and used friends PC's to get in PCA.I dont post nearly as often,and very rarely in the helproom.I do research the Vista room though,as (despite swearing I'd sooner die than run an OS so bloated I would need build a new PC) I have 2 Vista machines.

Happy Birthday PCA

  Bingalau 08:47 10 Dec 2008

I can't remember when I got "Hooked" but it's probably been about five years. I think I found my way to the help room first and then graduated. I would also like to congratulate the forum on its eighth birthday. Long may it reign..

  anskyber 08:54 10 Dec 2008

I'm not a regular contributor now but still lurk. A comeback may be possible, exchanging opinions here is interesting, frustrating and often amusing.

Like life itself, not to be taken seriously.

  carver 08:55 10 Dec 2008

It was about that time I was first told about this site by some one in a news agents.

I was having problems with my P/C and really didn't know the first thing about them, to me at that time it was a box full of mystical components that only geeks and mad professors knew about.

The only help I had before then was from people who didn't know a great deal more than me.

To have taken the side off and looked inside was like asking me to perform brain surgery, and the best thing is that the same questions I asked then still turn up.

With the encouragement of some really helpful people on this site I now build my own P/Cs, so to all the people who have devoted their time and patience to help us, Merry Christmas.

And FE a Merry Christmas to you, it can not be easy running a site like this.

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