We are supposed to be Metric Weights and Measures

  pj123 12:08 12 May 2008

Traders are being fined for selling produce in lbs instead of kg, or feet instead of metres.

But it seems that PC Monitors and Television sets are still being sold in inches???

Are they exempt from the metric system?

  bremner 12:19 12 May 2008

The EU decided last year we could carry on using the Imperial system click here

  interzone55 12:36 12 May 2008

If you look at most Monitor & TV boxes the size is in both units.

As far as I'm aware the only things that can still be sold in imperial units are Milk & Beer

  Goofyish 12:44 12 May 2008

Most of the controversial trader convictions were for selling 'loose items' in imperial (like fruit and veg). Not sure the rules apply to items like TVs and monitors.
But as Bemner says the EU has decided we can carry on selling loose items in imperial.

  Colin 12:49 12 May 2008

One thing that has always puzzled me is tyre sizes. They are expressed in both imperial and metric e.g. 185/50x16 which is a tyre that is 185mm wide with a tyre wall height of 50% of 185mm to fit a 16 inch wheel rim. You will see this on French & German made tyres.

  Picklefactory 13:13 12 May 2008

I'm a very confused individual. Brought up in the early metric days, but went straight into engineering where most things were Imperial, and now work in both, due to American drawings still in Imperial, but my head is happiest with small dimensions in metric (Anything from 0.001mm to about 300mm) then my head doesn't like foreign and have to revert to Imperial to be able to picture the distance. I know what 0.100mm looks like but I can't describe my height in metres.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 12 May 2008

My job requires me to use both systems, I have trouble converting from one to the other.

Some things seem to be more understandable in one form than the other.

Still even imperial isn't perfect we still use miles and chains.

  pj123 13:21 12 May 2008


"If you look at most Monitor & TV boxes the size is in both units"

Have to disagree with you there.

Look here: click here

Not one of them is listed in both units, only inches.

The same with TVs.

Look here: click here

Again not one of them is listed in both units.

  Quickbeam 13:23 12 May 2008

and start using cubits again click here then we can all be permanently baffled...

  Chegs ®™ 13:32 12 May 2008

I too have always wondered the same about tyre sizing.There is an anomaly though,British Leyland Metros were fitted with tyres with a fully metric system that even my local tyre service centre couldnt fathom(back in the 80's)Apparently,they were 12" rimsize but if you fitted 12" rimsized tyres there was a possibility the tyres could fall off the rim as it was too big.You had to buy specific tyres for a Metro(at a higher price of course)

  Brumas 14:10 12 May 2008

LOL We could always use a bit of string and be baffled even more - how long is a piece of string??

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