We are not responsible for Global Warming then.

  Sapins 10:08 16 Dec 2006

Just read that the Planet Venus has massive levels of carbon monoxide with the resulting problem of global warming.

So how come we get the blame for the problem on Earth, unless we are affecting Venus as well!

  VoG II 10:13 16 Dec 2006

I think that you'll find that it is carbon dioxide click here

Personally I find the Gaia Hypothesis attractive click here_(science)

  Sapins 10:20 16 Dec 2006

Thanks, I knew I shouldn't have posted with this heavy cold.

  sunny staines 10:28 16 Dec 2006

global warming contains a lot of hype, I feel we go through long cycles of an ice age then a hot stage its just a natural process of how the planet reformats itself over hundreds of thousands of years. The pollution caused by china & india is a bit of a worry though.

  Sapins 10:30 16 Dec 2006

That is a very interesting article, I am going to read it instead of feeling sorry for myself and drinking hot whiskey and lemon by the bucketful;-)

  Sapins 10:32 16 Dec 2006

I worry more about the verbal pollution spewed out by politicians.

  Jackcoms 10:44 16 Dec 2006

"drinking hot whiskey and lemon by the bucketful"


Forget the bloody lemon - just stick with the whiskey (and, for what it's worth, I prefer Irish to Scotch - it's smoother). ;-))

  anskyber 10:46 16 Dec 2006

I can see the attraction of the theory or rather model of biosphere. Indeed there is an attraction to it. There is nothing in it from my quick read which suggests the continuation of life forms will be human or their derivatives.

Dinosaurs spring to mind.

  Sapins 10:59 16 Dec 2006

The lemon doesn't take up much room in the bucket and I haven't peeled it;-)

  Jackcoms 11:02 16 Dec 2006


  spuds 11:46 16 Dec 2006

Of course we are responsible for the problems on earth regarding pollution and the environment.That's why the council's refuse to removal rubbish that been put in the wrong coloured wheelie bin or box ;o)

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