We Are Getting Old

  Crosstrainer2 08:43 23 Aug 2011

Some of this may well be a knee-jerk reaction. But I doubt it

I begin to feel my age as opposed to my shoe size?

Comments please

  BT 08:48 23 Aug 2011

I'll second that!

  Brumas 09:21 23 Aug 2011

Yes, it is most annoying/baffling when this 21 year old looks into a mirror an he sees a 63 year old bloke looking back at him!! Personality/mentally I am the same but physically I am not ;o{

  Crosstrainer2 09:29 23 Aug 2011

But tha'ts (now I cantt even type..

U R m8s


  Crosstrainer2 09:31 23 Aug 2011

Brums. 21 ....I can not remember..(actually that's not entirely true)

I was a youngster thenn..........HELP!

  QuizMan 09:57 23 Aug 2011

Bob Dylan's My Back Pages - "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now"

  Aitchbee 09:59 23 Aug 2011

I can't even jerk my right knee..Doh.

  Aitchbee 10:04 23 Aug 2011

...left knee is still liable to jerk, now and again.

  Blackhat 10:45 23 Aug 2011

Sure sign when you start going to more funerals than weddings.

  Algerian peter 11:43 23 Aug 2011


They might be an exception to the rule if you are an


You start to age as soon as you are born. So don't feel sad about a few twinges.

  wiz-king 13:39 23 Aug 2011

Yup - I realised that a couple of years ago, I was chasing a yob and he jumped over a fence onto the railway embankment at the bottom of my road. It wasnt the thought of getting runover by a train that stopped me - I just couldnt jump the fence!

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