We all know that Gas is cheaper than Electricity!

  wee eddie 04:04 15 Nov 2010

but how many of us factor into the Cost of Supply the Running costs of a Domestic Gas Boiler.

It would appear that they need to be replaced every 8 years (approx £3000, including fitting) or so, and have an Annual Maintenance Cost, including Servicing, of over £1000.

How much of that is true?

  octal 06:09 15 Nov 2010

I agree with the cost of replacement, but £1000 per year for maintenance? I've never paid that much, maybe a quarter of that.

  carver 07:28 15 Nov 2010

New boilers should need a clean every year at a cost of about £80 not including any parts that may be needed. New top of the range boilers should only cost about about this click here and with fitting at about £400 thats less than £2000.

If you are spending the amount you have quoted then it's time for a new boiler, even with any new parts a service should only cost the amount octal has said.

Most new boilers don't even need a cleaning as they have a flue cleaning programe built into them.

  KremmenUK 07:29 15 Nov 2010

I've just replaced my Gas boiler after 27 years faithful service.

I pay a local independent (manufacturer recommended) £100 a year for a service.

I used to have BG service my old boiler but they were cronic. Always finding fault with ventilation even though there was no fault.
In the end they sent out a highly qualified engineer who agreed that the ventilation was OK for my boiler and gave me a letter to show to future engineers.

Never had them in again, used the independent.

  interzone55 09:50 15 Nov 2010

You've probably had a quote from British Gas...

Talk to a local gas engineer (used to be called Corgi registered, but now something else) and they'll give you a much better offer.

I had my boiler replaced a couple of years ago. BG quoted £3750 for a Bosch boiler, plus £250 for a compulsory system flush.

Got a local chap round who quote £1750 for supply & fitting of the same boiler, he also did the system flush, fitted thermostatic valves to the radiators and included a new wireless thermostat so that we could set the temperature in the room we were actually using.

As for £1,000 a year for servicing, is that for a church boiler or something? He's doing ours for £75 a year and that's including servicing our gas fire as well...

  Covergirl 12:47 15 Nov 2010

£3,000 for a boiler ?

Replace every 8 years ?

£1,000 pa servicing ?

Firstly, make a note of who supplied you with this information, then make a mental note to avoid them in future.

We've got a Vaillant which I suppose is "old" at 18 years, and every time we get it serviced we're told it's "as clean as a whistle" inside and never seems to need anything replaced.

It's a balanced flue model and I suppose we'll have to get a condensing replacement when it eventually kick the bucket.

OK, it did break down once, about 10 years ago and a new circuit board was fitted. Fine ever since.

  hssutton 14:36 15 Nov 2010

"You've probably had a quote from British Gas..."

I could well believe that, the 4 properties adjacent to me use British Gas and the BG repair men are forever visiting them.

I bought a boiler 4 years ago cost approx £350. installed this myself. Got a local fitter to commission it, plus fit/connect a new gasfire at the same time, cost £75. The same corgi registered fitter charges £70 for the annual service of both items.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 15 Nov 2010

My old boiler (+ water tank) has been here since I moved in 23 yrs ago.

£35 yearly service (strip and clean)

+ £16-50 for a new thermocouple every couple of years

My gas bills are no differnet from next door who have a modern combi boiler.

Thought the house was not retaining its heat over the last couple of years - had the loft reinsulated to 200mm depth.

heating was on for an hour this morning (heavy frost ) but now i really sweating paint ceilings in the hall stairs and landing.
Perhaps its all the hot air Mrs Fruitbat/\0/\ is giving out to to the mess I'm making :o)

  jakimo 14:53 15 Nov 2010

My yearly service is £55,

but theres no way my 4yr old combi boiler can compete with 'Mrs Fruitbat/\0/\'

  beeuuem 01:50 16 Nov 2010

Apparently modern boilers do well to last 8 years.
In 1992 I persuaded my mother to have central heating installed in her home . She'd resisted until then, not seeing the point although she did appreciate the extra warmth when it was installed.
BUT it cost some £500.00 in repairs during its 9 year life plus servicing. The replacement is now showing signs of going the same way.
So in 18 years it will have cost some £5000-00 to have a working boiler.

My Potterton boiler was in place when I moved in to my home 20 years ago and was far from new then.
It has required one thermocouple in that time. So I'll resist having a 'modern' boiler for as long as possible.

  oresome 13:38 16 Nov 2010

My gas CH system is now 26 years old, in which time I've replaced the boiler thermouple twice and the gas valve once.

The synchron motor in the three way motorised valve has been replaced several times and the valve assembly itself has been replaced once.

I've also upgraded the programmer and thermostat for cosmetic reasons rather than failure.

Total expenditure in 26 years has been a few hundred pounds.

If only it's eventual replacement will prove as reliable.

It's a fair point that the total running costs should be taken into account when comparing different heating methods as the OP suggests.

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