Watts up?

  Diemmess 18:12 21 Apr 2007

Our government has been banging on for some time about switching things off, not leaving them on standby. What do I save by doing so?

For entirely different reasons I bought a plug-in device which meters all the current being used at the outlet if this fancy plug goes into a socket first.
click here

My computer kit requires at least 5 sockets and scrabbling under a heavy desk my multi-outlet strip is pretty unreachable, so over the years each gadget is switched off at the appliance like the computer itself or the monitor, but not at the mains socket.
These also include the speakers, and power supply for an external HD and printers.

A joker in this pack is what I understand is a constant voltage transformer, ex office equipment of 10+ years ago. It calls itself at “Voltage Conditioner” and is rated to max (constant) 1Kw

Just for interest I plugged the cost metering plug in the beginning of the circuit and read the wattage for each and every one individually and collectively. These are the results to a watt or so.

No appliances switched on (on the desk) = 21watts
CVT alone, seems to use more when NOT loaded = 15watts
CVT out of circuit = 14watts
Computer running and TFT monitor (no printer) as now = 179watts + about 2w if online.
Mono laser printer briefly kicks the consumption to > 500watts during its warm up after switching it on.

The low voltage power supply to the external HD is trivial, a couple of watts when in use.

I have fitted an easily accessible master switch to isolate the lot. No more sore knees and bruised head.
Fire risk is cancelled when the big switch is off, and I wait to see whether the fiver or so a month is reflected in my next bill. Some hopes!

  spuds 20:52 21 Apr 2007

Glad that you have mentioned a 'Plug-In Mains Power & Energy Monitor'. I purchased one from Maplin's (order code L61AQ) some time ago, with the intentions of checking my devices power consumption. Like most things, never got around to doing it.

Most things that our household uses are on for quite a length of time, so cost saving improvements are required, due to ever increasing power bills.

  Forum Editor 10:07 22 Apr 2007

of monitoring power consumption in this way - I've added it to my list of things to do next week.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:58 22 Apr 2007

My list of things to do next week

Always seem to be put off to NEXT WEEK.


  georgemac © 12:00 22 Apr 2007

I bought one of these energy monitors just after new year, and have checked some things with it - my desktop uses 20 x more power than my laptop, and my desktop is hardly ever on now - just use the laptop all the time.

My desktop is not all that power hungry either, and amd xp3000 with a mobile cpu, not overclocked, and not a very fast graphics card, 300 watt antec power supply.

Laptop is a centrino 1.6 mhz, 15.4" display

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