Water Rates: where will it end?

  ened 11:06 11 Mar 2008

This morning I received next years bill from South West Water.

It is £890. For a two bedroom flat!!!

I have a friend in Redruth, which is thirty miles away, who has a two bedroom house and is paying about the same as me.

I am always reading that the average unmetered bill in the South West is about £250. Yet I can find nobody who is even close to that.

Considering the rest of the Country pays less than half of this figure I consider this to be robbery!

  lofty29 11:10 11 Mar 2008

What do you expect when the water companies have a guarananteed profits base, virtually no regulation, and no competition. So much for privatisation

  peter99co 12:00 11 Mar 2008

Severn Trent fitted a water meter free for me. They send you a question paper on which you calculate your usage. You compare your use with their allowance and see if a meter is a viable option. I found my usage was 1/3 of my allowance and went ahead with the installation. My bill is very much less as a result.I had to suspend my payments for six months because of the excess payments and then reduce my direct debit accordingly. Does your Company offer a similar option. Also your sewage charge may be large part of your bill. My grey/used water charge reduced as a % of my metered water usage.

  ened 12:21 11 Mar 2008

We applied for a meter four years ago when the bill seemed extortionate at £600. This really nasty, uncooperative guy turned up and told us we could have a meter but they were required, by law, to be able to read the meter from outside the premises.

I asked if they could run the cable through the skylight and he told me his men were not allowed to work off the ground.

The very next morning I received a circular from SWW offering me a plumbing service. Somewhat ironic.

The other day I was talking about this to a friend who has just developed some flats above his shop. He told me he had meters recently fitted and they all require access in order to be read.

So it looks as though I was given the runaround, which is hardly surprising since my wife, dog and myself would have to use a heck of a lot of water to run up even six hundred pounds with a meter.

  paul€ 12:35 11 Mar 2008

I am with Anglia water with a 5 bedroom bungalow.

Our water AND sewage rates come to £260pa.

  Wilham 14:30 11 Mar 2008

Yes, sounds good. But is it because you are metered with just one or two regular occupants and use less water? Do you supplement supply with a soft-water tank or well? Is the bill reduced by £32pa (Anglia figure) because soak-aways take all your surface water?

£260pa with drainage does seem low for 5 bedrooms.

  merciarich 14:51 11 Mar 2008

Just to add my 2p to this thread

Our water rate comes in at £360pa for a 2 bed apartment, this is estimated each year as we are on a meter, and we usually pay below this, we usually pay £20 for the water, £10 for the sewage each month, give or take a few £.

This is with Mid Kent Water for the main water, Southern Water for the sewage.

  paul€ 15:18 11 Mar 2008


Just a standard water supply.

  peter99co 15:52 11 Mar 2008

Mine was just over £300 before meter. They read it with a wire connection from the back of the house to just inside the side gate and read it each 6 months.They even fitted a (non electric)switch instead of a tap to turn off the water inside the house so that even the old job of turning off/on the supply is simple.

  John B 16:06 11 Mar 2008

Also SW Water. £263 Water + £433 Sewerage = £696.

Band D council tax... not on a meter.

  ened 16:22 11 Mar 2008

There is a discrepancy there straight away because we are Band D for Council tax, yet you are paying £200 less than us.

We live above our shop and our business uses water.

In peak season my metered water costs around £1200:00 per month. That is not a typo!

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