Water meters - to have, or not to have?

  six-h 21:52 25 Feb 2009

Living alone, I get the feeling that I'm paying for the water usage of a small continent each time I receive my water rates bill for the comming year!
Many times I have vaguely thought that I must "do something about it", but thus far the feeling has passed with the general lethargy of the other humdrum things that squabble for my attention!

This time however, I got as far as looking up the UU website but cannot find any assurance that the charges levied to users of the meters includes the sewerage charge that is currently seperately itemised on my annual rates bill.

In accepting the invitation to be "metered", am I setting myself up to receive yet another bill, in the form of an annual sewerage charge?

  peter99co 22:07 25 Feb 2009

Which Water Supplier do you use?

  peter99co 22:12 25 Feb 2009

I am with Severn Trent and have seen my bill go from over £300 (2006) down to around £100 including Sewerage. Other areas are very different.

  six-h 22:13 25 Feb 2009

Hi peter99co,
Sorry, thought everyone knew them..United Utilties, "affectionately" known as UU lol.

  Bingalau 22:19 25 Feb 2009

I changed to a meter about twelve months ago. My monthly bill went down from £50 to £7 .. So I am delighted with that. Mind you I don't know what it would be if I started using the pressure washer on my pathway and the car like I used to do. I can get my jalopy hand washed once a month for £3.50 at the local garage by a nice bunch of Polish lads who do a brilliant job on it too.

  six-h 22:20 25 Feb 2009

Yours expressly includes the sewerage charge, that's encouraging, and a nice saving...if it doesn't creep up. You've done well.

Perhaps I'm just an old cynic, but I'm not used to "good news" concerning bills, though I've heard tell of others who are making savings not dissimilar to yours, I'm just looking for the catch!

Maybe someone who's with UU will be able to reassure me!

  six-h 22:24 25 Feb 2009

Could do with some of that!!
As far as the car is concerned, I knew I should have paid more attention when those little Indian kids used to wash my giant 4X4 in Dubai using only one small bucket of condensate water from the Air conditioning in the local shops! lol
It was always gleaming!

  peter99co 22:25 25 Feb 2009

Severn Trent have a chart you fill in to work out usage. How many times you use a washer/flush/shower/etc and this give a figure. You compare your numbers and it gives you a yearly ammount. and approx cost. They add a sewerage figure to equate to the usage and there you are. It should be seriously cheaper on your own. If UU have a similar system you should be able to work it out.

The meter was fitted free!

If UU give you a figure of how much you pay does it include a figure for Cubic Meters Used?

  peter99co 22:30 25 Feb 2009

May help you to work it out for yourself

click here

  peter99co 22:31 25 Feb 2009

How much water do you use?

click here

  Cara2 22:35 25 Feb 2009

My sister is currently exploring the idea.

Here United Utilities supply the meter free of charge. If after 13mths she changes her mind, she can revert to the old system. However, the meter must stay and any future occupants will have to use it.

She should save a fortune as she lives on her own in a high rateable area.

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