Water Cannon mat be used

  carver 13:36 13 Dec 2010

I've just been listening to the news about this coalition government has given the all clear for the police to use Water Cannons against student protesters if the need arises, and have come to the decision that if that is the case they are admitting that the police are no longer in control.

There is a report here click here and another one here click here are these the same ministers who in the past have complained about there use in other country's to stop riots.

Theresa May may be a minister but she has no idea about how to calm a situation down, this sort of thing is like pouring petrol onto a fire to see if you can put it out.

  jakimo 13:57 13 Dec 2010

The police last week admitted they had lost control of London streets.

As for water cannon,the suggestion of their use on our streets was first suggested years ago when the French introduced them as a deterrent against their protesting students

  peter99co 14:04 13 Dec 2010

As long as they remember to add the right coloured dye to the mix it will be fine. Although a nice pinky hue would look good if it's snowing as well.

  interzone55 14:09 13 Dec 2010

If the press complains about police brutality when someone gets hit on the head with a truncheon, lets see what happens when every bit of loose street furniture and litter starts to pepper protesters...

  carver 14:20 13 Dec 2010

Theresa May has said that the Police MAY and CAN use water cannon against students if they think it is the correct course of action.

So if the BBC news isn't good enough for you then I suppose I will just have to bow to your Superior knowledge about these things.

  john bunyan 16:18 13 Dec 2010

Mr Orde (former Chief Constable of NI and a member of ACPO) said on Today that he thought that water canon was not appropriate at the moment in the case of the students. (So far no shooting, Molotov cocktails etc)

  Flak999 17:46 13 Dec 2010

"she said water cannon had not been approved for police use by government." click here

It would seem that at the moment this is indeed the case.

  jakimo 17:57 13 Dec 2010

According to my link,just minutes ago the police has asked the PSNI for 2 water cannons to be used in London

click here

  jakimo 18:26 13 Dec 2010

This thread has resulted from the unruly students protest,35 have been arrested,but to date none have been charged,will they be let off I wonder!

  Flak999 18:26 13 Dec 2010
  morddwyd 19:51 13 Dec 2010

Like I said in another post - fill the things with petrol and one copper with a cigarette lighter could clear the street!

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