Watching football on P2P

  mrwoowoo 12:46 07 Sep 2008

Watching England play on the internet, as i do most of Chelsea's games,i had a thought.
As it's P2P,i wonder if i can expect a letter from AOL as they have been taken over by Carphone warehouse.
Carephone warehouse has signed up to the governments initiative against customers sharing copyright music, films and software.
Are AOL included?
Will streaming football be classed the same as downloading films etc?
Can they tell the difference?
Will i get a warning letter?

  Forum Editor 14:35 07 Sep 2008

is just that - copyright infringement. It applies to anything that has a copyright attached to it, whether it's a music file, a play, a statue, a book, or one of my posts (or yours) in this forum.

It's illegal to distribute or copy such stuff without a copyright licence.

If you watch a football match that's being streamed for public consumption - via the BBC site for instance - you're legal, but if you stream or watch someone else streaming a SKY transmission you're infringing the SKY copyright on the transmission.

  mrwoowoo 16:33 07 Sep 2008

I am fully aware of the copyright and legality issues involved.
So far they have been Asian/Arabic stations that are broadcastng the matches,so i'm not sure if it's ok,but to be honest i'm not bothered.
I can't afford Sky as i work for a living doing 12 hour shifts,don't drink or smoke and have a mortgage.I could go on the dole, claim benefits and get a council house with Sky,since all of the benifitees around here seem to get it.And manage to drink and smoke as well.
A bit hypacrytical on my part as when someone quotes this type of excuse for downloading games i usually shoot them down...Rant over.
Still doesn't answer my questions though.

  TopCat® 18:35 07 Sep 2008

to 'the governments initiative against customers sharing copyright music, films and software' then as they own AOL it would naturally cover all their broadband activities.

As far as I'm aware, any provider that intends to fully keep to that agreement will have taken action to record all pertinent details of anything illegally streamed that infringes the terms of that agreement.

Streaming copyrighted football matches would clearly be an infringement and would certainly be classed the same as downloading copyrighted films. TC.

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