Watch out! (if someone bends over)

  dastardly mutt 09:37 26 Sep 2009

BBC story.
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How gruesome can they get?

  octal 10:10 26 Sep 2009

I know it's very serious, but my imagination being what it is, I had to chuckle. I'm sure they are already aware that this can happen and have already taken steps to combat it at airports, what's wrong with the good old sniffer dog?

  Forum Editor 10:22 26 Sep 2009

If a bomber can hide a device from airport detectors in this way it increases the security risk enormously.

  Seth Haniel 10:55 26 Sep 2009

the crater it made :)

  Forum Editor 11:04 26 Sep 2009

but just imagine someone sitting next to you on a crowded commuter train and detonating such a bomb, or doing the same thing in the cabin of a 747.

Now that the first person has shown it can be done there will undoubtedly be repeat performances. This man was able to get to stand next to the Saudi Prince who is in charge of Counter terrorist measures - he's heavily guarded, and nobody gets into the same room without passing through an airport-type body scanner. This man did it, and that's what will be on the mind of every airport security manager today. I know that it will certainly be on my mind, next time I board an aircraft.

  Seth Haniel 11:28 26 Sep 2009

probably more at risk from drunken brits on board the flights - as my experience on last three flights -

  interzone55 14:38 26 Sep 2009

This is The Register's take on this story

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Obviously it's a little juvenile, and some of the comments are very juvenile, but as one comment states, Al-Qaeda are winning their battle by inconveniencing the rest of the world by making air travel as annoying as possible due to the security checks, which may well now involve marigolds...

  Forum Editor 15:17 26 Sep 2009

is the understatement of the year. I have removed posts from this thread that were equally juvenile - this is far from being a joke, as people who travel by air may find out before too long.

  peter99co 18:24 26 Sep 2009

I may well be that pre flight checks will involve a more precise study of the person wishing to travel and if there is any suspicion arising from that then an internal examination would be needed.

Maybe some one can invent an electric trigger that will cause a controlled explosion in a secure area for possible suspects to pass through on the way to the boarding area.

Premature detonation would be more preferable than having a passenger on a plane.

  spuds 21:00 26 Sep 2009

I am very surprised that world-wide security experts have not been involved with internal bomb storage. This practice was known in the Aden conflict, and measures were in place then for possible detection.

The same rule about possible bomb storage was also part of Israel's security procedures way back in the 1960/70's.

  zzzz999 08:50 27 Sep 2009

surely the solution is to ban all mobile phones.....yesssssss, a result.

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