Waste of fuel.?

  Autoschediastic 17:39 15 Jun 2009

Over the weekend i went to grantham & stayed at our friends house, But On the way there we arrived at the train station 55 mins too early the wife's fault?

Anyway i bought a coffee for us both & we sat down on the seat next to a train that had been left standing, After 25 mins my wife mentioned to me that the train that was about 8/10 foot away from us had been left on since before we got there!

When our train arrived the stationary train (Diesel fueled) was STILL left running with the lights out inside & no access to enter so it had in fact just been left on! for at least 50 mins & they was three carrages each with a exhaust pipes around 8 inches wide & belting smoke out of them.?
Thats a lot of wastage dont you think.?
& why would they just be left.?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:42 15 Jun 2009

It is terribly difficult to kick start a train so leaving the engine on would be a good call.


  Forum Editor 18:13 15 Jun 2009

are designed to be left running for long periods.

  canarieslover 19:16 15 Jun 2009

Just regard it as you would the central heating at home. You would not like to get into a cold carriage any more than you would like to arrive home to a cold house.

  the hick 19:20 15 Jun 2009

Remember steam locos, was really mucky standing next to those in a station! Great smell, though.

  egapup 19:21 15 Jun 2009

Bring back steam.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:41 15 Jun 2009

Are designed to run for long periods, not to idle for long periods. That can cause problems with cooling and lubrication. That and it "belting smoke out" doesnt make for an eficient usage of fuel.

egapup-romantic, glorious, and bloody dirty, hard work!


  canarieslover 20:02 15 Jun 2009

Your truck's engine is designed to pull a load and has power developed over a reasonable rev band unlike the local train where the engine drives a generator and the rev band is very limited. Power to drive the train comes from electric motors mounted on the axles. The generator also powers the train heating which is needed even when sitting idly at the station.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:02 15 Jun 2009

Freight train drivers are told to shut down their engines if idling for longer than 15 minutes.

Yes this causes problems with the engine joints leaking slightly due to the expansion and contraction.

However all the companies insist that it saves them around 6 million pounds each in fuel costs a year and the increase cost of maintenance is negligble in comparison.

Sounds as if the passenger companies need to take note.

  wiz-king 21:41 15 Jun 2009

I built the control gear of the diesel locos that run on London underground for maintenance purposes at night. They have to run for at least an hour idle or 20 min under load above ground before the emissions come within limits to let them go underground, once within spec they can be used all night if left running. Let them cool down and you have to start the cycle again.

  Forum Editor 21:42 15 Jun 2009

to idle for long periods - it's a safety measure. Idling the engine maintains pressure in the braking system, and operating rules require drivers to leave the engines idling when the train is stopped on a traffic line.

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