Was Your Furniture A Treasure Magnet?!

  BigRik 13:00 23 Aug 2006

Hi all.

When my wife and I first moved here, my parents were replacing their 3 piece suite. There wasn't much wrong wrong with it so we gave it a home. However, we have new furniture coming Friday, so my Father-in-Law is helping me get rid of the old lot this afternoon (I hope!)

Anyway, my wife and kids had great fun opening the chairs up to see what had fallen inside over the years.

They found a large sewing needle, a pair of plastic tweezers, a crochet hook, bird seed, various empty snack packets, a pen, the April issue of Sky Kids magazine, 30¢ (US) and £5.34.

Are there any other big finds out there?!

  Little Flower 18:37 23 Aug 2006

Lego pieces, bits of missing puzzles... I remember when my parents were getting rid of a sofa, they found a necklace in it that Mum thought she'd lost.

I found dorito peices under the chair in our study when we got rid of it. This was odd, as no-one is supposed to eat in the study!

  josie mayhem 22:01 23 Aug 2006

My ex and I had brought our house about six months before we got married, and didn't move in until our wedding night. But we did decorate and furnish our home, exmother-in-law brought us a new 3 piece suite for our wedding present, this was delivered about a fortnight after we brought our house...

And then over the 6 months other items would be delivered and workmen to carry out jobs that we couldn't do our selfs because we both worked full time, she was quite happy to go around and wait for the delivers or workmen that needed to call during working hours while we were at work...

But every time she was there she would move my 3 piece around to the way she liked it, I got so fed up in the end I decided that drastic action would need to be taken and I didn't want a faling out with the pending mother-in-law....

So my brain wave and diplimatic solution to this matter, knowing that she was more of a prud than my catholic mum, (I'm blushing as I type) I travelled across to another area and brought a couple of dirty mags, and placed them under each piece of the suite.... and she never touched my furniture after that.... In almost 25 years she has never mentioned what she found tuck under the 3 piece suite neither to me or my ex-husband!!!

  Kev.Ifty 23:57 23 Aug 2006

Excellent!!! Mrs.ifty liked that tale too. lol.

When we were kids, during the school holidays, it became our mission to find abandoned/dumped sofas. We would go up to a particularly fertile area. It was a 'confluence' of woods, secluded layby and main road (Rich pickings!)

One summers day we not only found a 'Three piece' full of two's,one's a few ten's and I think a couple of thrupny bits!

We also discovered an almost full crate of empty corona pop bottles AND an old bike which we managed to get going.

I can't tell you how sick we felt after eating all the sweats we bought with our booty.......



  josie mayhem 00:17 24 Aug 2006

There is one thing I can't do, and that is stick my hands down the sides, to find any hidden treasures, what they hover attachment doesn't pick up it stays there..........................

I had one hell of my a exmother-in -law, I can still remember hidding a bleach soaked cloth in the kitchen and bathroom when I knew she was vistiting, because bleach actualy gives me a headache, so I always used a alternitive cleaner, but this wasn't good enough, if you couldn't smell strong bleach then your house wasn't clean.........

It got a lot worse when I had the Kids, she threaten a court injunction, because I upgrade to caravan status, and she belived that there was no way a felamle could tow a caravan safely (her son couldn't drive) I can handle a caravan better thqn most blokes (trained by a lorry driving brother in law) and believe me there more a lot more........

  BigRik 10:04 25 Aug 2006

Not too many people want to say what they've found! I think, josie mayhem, you've hit a bit close to the bone with your hilarious tale of the dirty mags! People have suddenly remembered where they are!

Thanks for replying guys and gals.

  asrobs 16:11 25 Aug 2006

Do not get rid of the old three piece suites from your inlaws,that you started life with -because the new stuff is made from chip board etc. the older the suite the better just have them recovered.asrobs.

  Bingalau 16:46 25 Aug 2006

I had a good mother-in-law and as she already had eight sons, before I married one of her two daughters she treated me just like another son. Her other daughter married a merchant seaman and as I was in the services for many years I never found out about my loss for years. But it appears that when I was home on leave, (we had our own room in my MIL's house). We had started accumulating furniture and of course a comfortable settee. Anyway whilst my wife and I were abroad for a number of years it appears that my sister in law and husband were broke and suddenly had this flash of inspiration. They sliced through the back of the settee with a razor blade, and recovered it after rescuing the large amount of £3.15s.9d with which they promptly took Mother-in-Law up to the local pub for a good evening's session. Yes it was a lot of money in those days. It was of course my money and I was quite happy to know that they had made good use of it. My brother-in-law even offered to pay it back last year, I said what about the interest? But he was only willing to give me the same amount. we still laugh about it to this day. ..Bingalau..

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