Was this the worst Doctor Who ever?

  1911 21:37 06 Apr 2008

I looked forward to the Doctor program and have never seen any that was as poor and childish as this. Ok I know its realy a kids program but surely not for the 3 to 5 age group.

  DANZIG 21:53 06 Apr 2008

Now I'm not saying it was one of the best episodes, but it was a worthy start to the new series.

There was that tantalising shot of Rose Tyler - hinting at something else coming up on the horizon.

Really looking forward to the rest of the series.

  bremner 21:54 06 Apr 2008

I am a great Doctor Who fan - but I sincerely hope last nights episode was not a reflection of what is in store for the rest of this series and I am sure it will not be.

Humour is definitely one of the things that makes the program enjoyable but last night was just puerile.

  Forum Editor 22:16 06 Apr 2008

the entire basis of the programme is that it is written very much with the tongue in the cheek? It's meant to be rather silly and over the top - that's the whole idea, and always has been.

Surely nobody actually takes it at all seriously?

  Coffee Adict 22:19 06 Apr 2008

And I forgot it was on early.

  Grey Goo 22:26 06 Apr 2008

Could use some of those pills

  Grey Goo 22:29 06 Apr 2008

If you want something a bit more serious try Casualty 1907.

  robgf 22:53 06 Apr 2008

As you say, it is supposed to be tongue in cheek, but you can go to far. I would say it's in danger of falling into Sylvester McCoy territory, in which case everyone will switch off in droves.

The new woman is a mistake as well, she's another Bonnie Langford. The doctors assistant should have a bit of s*x appeal. Martha was cute and Rose had some appeal, but this latest one, oh dear......

  Grey Goo 22:57 06 Apr 2008

But is she bovvered.

  Earthsea 23:07 06 Apr 2008

Why should a character in a children's program need to have sex appeal? I rarely watch this program these days but thought last night's episode was strangely watchable, and Catherine Tate was a lot better than the last two intensely dull assistants.

Doctor Who has always been a quirky hit-and-miss affair, and don't see how this first episode of the new series differs in any way.

  Belatucadrus 00:24 07 Apr 2008

When Catherine Tate appeared in the special, I could only sympathise with her fiancé and well understood his desire to feed her to the spider thingy. I have no idea why she got an invite to help crew the tardis . Presumably the Doctor got so tired of endangering people he liked he decided to pick somebody damned irritating that he can throw them to the nearest drashig as a diversion without getting too cut up about it .

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