Was that a noise on the line?

  Forum Editor 19:00 30 Sep 2007

From tomorrow new laws come into force, allowing over 700 public bodies access to full details of all your landline and mobile phone calls. 'Full details' means the date and time of the call, the number dialled, the duration of the call, and the name and address of the person who pays the phone bill.

The information must be retained by the phone companies, and made available to these organisations. The changes in the law are the result of the Home Secretary signing a statutory instrument, which means the new rules didn't require an act of Parliament.

These changes are already being called a 'snooper's charter' by citizens' rights organisations, worried that some information will inevitably fall into the wrong hands. The government says that council officials (for instance) will only be able to retrieve the information if they get permission from a senior colleague.

So that's alright then.

  The Brigadier 19:04 30 Sep 2007

Is this not been thought up as part of the fight on terrorism?
Not sure if it goes against someone’s European Human Rights, but I’m sure it will be something the other political parties will bring up during the election, when it happens.

  Al94 19:06 30 Sep 2007

What sort of public bodies?

  Al94 19:11 30 Sep 2007

If you're doing nothing wrong then probably no need to worry. I'm guessing it only formalises what has already been happening.

  Forum Editor 19:13 30 Sep 2007

The Police, the Fire Brigade (limited access for them), local councils, the tax authorities, the Food standards agency, the department of health, the gaming board, the charity commission, and the immigration service, to name but a few.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:31 30 Sep 2007

Anyone is welcome to eavesdrop /read on my calls/emails as they are all triple dull. I'm sure that they will only be checked if there is some suspicion that the person is doing something wrong/illegal.


  spuds 19:34 30 Sep 2007

In fact its another one of these snoopers charters with the government, or should I say a ministers/civil servants blessing.

Wait till the fireworks start, when the media or some civil rights organisation finds out that someone's human rights or whatever have been violated ;o)

  amonra 19:38 30 Sep 2007

Oh my gawd ! Here we go again. Can't wait for the headlines in some of the gutter press.
As Gandalf says, you're welcome to listen in on my phone, BORING !!!

  mrwoowoo 19:39 30 Sep 2007

Will people with ex-directory numbers have their number given out to these public bodies,to then receive nuisance calls?

  laurie53 19:40 30 Sep 2007

Not saying it's wrong (or right, for that matter) but I think the ends of justice might have been better served had she made provision for properly authorised phone tap transcripts to be used as evidence.

  Bingalau 19:42 30 Sep 2007

I wouldn't worry over-much folks, I think it has been possible for some time now for your calls etc to be listened to. So it's nothing new. I heard years ago that certain words or phrases in a phone call trigger an automatic recording device. All part of the great big scheme of things. As Gandalf says they are welcome to listen to mine (What a lousy job that must be).

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