Was Jesus a married man?

  john bunyan 09:36 11 Apr 2014

Although there is no proof of a marriage of Jesus, there is an interesting Egyptian papyrus from the 1st century that hints of it, which appears genuine. I imagine Rome will pour scorn on it.

Huffington Post

  fourm member 09:58 11 Apr 2014

The fragment seems to date from the time that the Bible as we know it was being put together. It may have been one possible plot line that didn't make the final edit.

  john bunyan 10:09 11 Apr 2014

fourm member

Another that seems to have been left out is the "Gospel of Mary" Gospel of Mary

I wonder if these omissions are an early example of Misogyny that has pervaded parts of the church up to the present day?

  fourm member 10:26 11 Apr 2014

I'm sure it is true that the final version of the Bible was designed to serve perceived needs at the time. Take all the stuff in Luke proving that Joseph was directly descended from David when, if you believe, Joseph had no role in the conception of Jesus.

Similar things happened in British history. Did you watch 'Ian Hislop's Olden Days'? He explained how both King Arthur and King Alfred were created to serve contemporary needs.

I'm sure there is already some entrepreneurial American developing his business plan for 'The Church of Our Lord's Spouse'.

And, of course, some people will latch onto the idea of Jesus being married as 'proof' that God abhors equal marriage.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 11 Apr 2014

I imagine Rome will pour scorn on it.

Unlikely, as its a question that has been debated by Catholics for centuries. the current belief is he wasn't as there is not enough proof yet to say he was.

see here

This discovery may change things.

Next question is did --- Jesus really exist or is it the greatest story ever told?

  Woolwell 12:00 11 Apr 2014

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - I think that you'll find that most modern scholars agree that Jesus existed see Historicity of Jesus.

The greatest "story" is the Resurrection. There are many on here that would argue that it is a fable and others that believe it. Belief is the main point and you cannot prove belief in written or even verbal debate. I happen to believe it but I suspect that I will be called deluded.

I'm not worried about whether Jesus was married or not. Women played a central role in the early Christian Church and their role was in may instances "air brushed" out to conform with a male dominated society.

There are other "Gospels" that were omitted from the Bible as it was established.

  fourm member 12:17 11 Apr 2014

'There are other "Gospels" that were omitted from the Bible as it was established.'

Isn't that re-writing history? Surely there were other gospels that were excluded when the Bible was put together in the 3rd or 4th century.

The Bible is not a documentary record of what happened as it happened.

  spuds 12:23 11 Apr 2014

When you talk about religion, it can get fairly confusing, and that is perhaps why the saying " Religion, Sex and Politics" is best avoided, before the inevitable arguments arise?.

Was Jesus Christ born in Bethlehem or was Mecca the birthplace of Allah?.

  Woolwell 12:29 11 Apr 2014

fourm member - I agree that the Bible isn't an exact documentary record. When it was put together some documents were omitted. If the Bible was meant to be an exact record (and that could be debated for some time with fundamentalists saying it is and others stating that it is open to interpretation) then omission could be construed as re-writing history. But there were theological decisions made. Some probably rightly and perhaps some errors too.

  Woolwell 12:30 11 Apr 2014

spuds - Allah is God for Muslims. You mean Mohammed.

  bumpkin 15:04 11 Apr 2014

Was Jesus a married man?

I wouldn't have thought so, who would marry someone with a name like Jesus.

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