Was he "just relaxing"?

  Al94 11:13 15 Sep 2011
  bremner 11:33 15 Sep 2011

Who really cares.

Our troops in action in Libya and Afghanistan, the Euro zone is imminent danger of implosion, thousands losing their jobs in this country and The Sun runs tittle tattle on its front page.

  interzone55 11:36 15 Sep 2011

I thought rugby players were supposed to be better behaved than football players. Well that was the impression I got from the Rugby World Cup thread...


  dagbladet 11:56 15 Sep 2011


It is an unwritten rule of many forums. Should a thread start about rugby, there will always be a response about how everything about the game/players/fans etc is better than football. I think it's an insecurity thing.

  SimpleSimon1 16:29 15 Sep 2011


They are....on the pitch.

However, at the post-match analysis centres (!), they would probably terrify the average Millwall fan. The big difference is that, whilst 'boisterous', the behaviour will never be violent. And if you mentioned a spit-roast, they'd probably ask where the BBQ is!

Basically, it's a typical 'media artificial outrage' story and, as such (IMHO), totally pathetic (a bit like how England played v Argentina, really)

  Forum Editor 17:07 15 Sep 2011

Was he "just relaxing"?

I'm surprised that you feel it necessary to start a thread about something as silly as this. I very much doubt that many people care less what goes on at an after-match celebration. Give the man some peace, for goodness sake, it's hardly the scandal of the century.

  Al94 17:44 15 Sep 2011

Sorry you felt the need to comment in that manner FE,I actually think it's rather amusing and typical of what happens "on tour"

  zzzz999 22:24 15 Sep 2011

Great headline

  Crosstrainer2 22:59 15 Sep 2011

If this is the Coronation Street / Emmerdale farm type of holy C** then just leave it...Please.

  Chegs ®™ 05:43 16 Sep 2011

I'm more interested in learning what a "dwarf throwing contest" might actually be than the gossip about a rugby player.Anyone care to enlighten me?

  zzzz999 05:58 16 Sep 2011

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a 'fun pub' game in New Zealand. Basically a vertically challenged chap agrees for money to be hurled by buck eejits across a padded zone with the winner being the eejit that can throw vertically challenged chap the furthest.

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