A Wartime Legacy

  morddwyd 08:22 14 Apr 2011

I regularly pass by an old airfield near here, closed in 1946.

Every year at this time a crop of daffodils struggles up through the undergrowth that now nearly engulfs the old guardroom, and every year I wonder about the guys who thought they'd bring a touch of a home garden to the place.

Did they make it? Did they go on to have a good life? Did (Do) they ever come back to take a look?

Then I get to wondering about the bits and pieces I've left in various parts of the world. Are they still there?

As I've posted elsewhere, I know one bit is - a tree I planted in my garden in Germany is now big enough to be seen on Google maps!

  Bingalau 09:01 14 Apr 2011

I love looking at the places I have been living both in this country and abroad. Some places the differences are big. Places such as Poole and the ferry service which wasn't there in my time. Plymouth ferry also has grown bigger.

The Royal Marines Barracks at Eastney has gone. Turned in to expensive flats for the rich. Funnily enough many taken by ex Royal Marines. The only recognisable part of the barracks being the old Officers' Mess, which is now a very good Royal Marines museum. Oh yes the sports pavilion is now the home of the RM Association, well worth a visit as the beer is a bit cheaper than elsewhere in town.

But then I look at Stonehouse Barracks (Plymouth) and start thinking that some of the old RSM's would have a fit if they saw the cars parked on the parade ground.

  Brumas 09:23 14 Apr 2011

"Then I get to wondering about the bits and pieces I've left in various parts of the world” I was a young, good-looking, red blooded male and saw the world courtesy of the Merch and the Army - who knows? ;o}}

  flycatcher1 10:09 14 Apr 2011

Brumas. In Fayid in the Canal Zone in the early fifties there was a small shop called "Freddie Mills". The owner was the split living image of that well known boxer who served in the war and may have served one too many.

  spuds 10:22 14 Apr 2011

Some people might call you sentimental nowadays, but isn't it nice to remember the 'good old days' and what happened then?.

With regards to old airfields, we had quite a number in my location, mainly USAF manned. Some of those airfields and quarters have been converted back to agricultural purposes, but others have found alternative employment, with some of the original buildings and airstrips still in full use today. The people who purchased some of these sites all those years ago when they became redundant, made a very wise investment.

  Brumas 10:40 14 Apr 2011

flycatcher1 LOL and before you say anything, any resemblance to that polar bear cub of the same name and myself was purely coincidental :o}}

  Bingalau 11:56 14 Apr 2011

spuds. Yes the old USAF Base at Warrington is now used for all sorts of things (The parts that haven't been built on that is.) There seems to be a thriving miniature race course for those little "Crash Cars" (forgotten what they are called now) The youngsters seem to appreciate it.

  Condom 21:40 14 Apr 2011

I returned from Thailand at the beginning of Winter and thought "maybe I will get to see my daffodils this year" which me and my neighbours had planted in front of our houses beside the edge of the wood. They were up about 1 ft high and just beginning to bud when the local council grass cutter passed by half asleep on his 4 wheel drive cutter and chopped the lot down. Ah well maybe next year.

  flycatcher1 10:45 15 Apr 2011

Brumas I get your drift. I am awaiting my birds arrival and typing about six feet from where I hope that they will nest.

Warrington used to be an RAF PDU, I was there a million years ago and remember it as very cold and wet.

  morddwyd 20:59 15 Apr 2011

I remember all RAF stations, with the possible exception of Khormaksar, as very cold and wet!

  flycatcher1 23:00 15 Apr 2011

My Father was stationed in Aden, Steamer Point, in the late thirties.

In his Naafi Handbook it says " The temperatures are rather trying but the problem has been much ameliorated by the installation of fans in all the public rooms".

I thought that it was like living in a Turkish Bath.

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