Warning over 'Storm Worm' email.!!!!!!

  hijo 00:32 21 Jan 2007

click here

This has just been on the BBC news,its big its new & its a bad virus..!!!
i hope this helps..!!!

  p;3 05:46 21 Jan 2007

if people use mailwasher and do NOT open ANY mails they are NOT expecting, things should remain calm; but some people just will not listen

  €dstowe 07:51 21 Jan 2007

Some weeks/months ago I announced to my studio about some new virus or other that had gone into circulation and one of the office juniors said something to the effect of "Surely this only affects computers at home. Works computers can't be affected."

With ideas like that, is it any surprise that these malware attacks spread in the way they do?

  lisa02 09:51 21 Jan 2007

Oh you can rest assured your computers will be safe then!

Thanks for the warning but I never ever get spam.

  p;3 13:07 21 Jan 2007

to say you never get spam is a very brave statement indeed

a certain person who I happen to know will be returning to the computer they use later this week ; I am not looking forward to what rubbish they find on their server let alone what they think is perfectly OK to do with it

  Forum Editor 13:09 21 Jan 2007

Well good for you, but I'm astonished to hear it. You must be one of the few people on the planet who have never received a spam message.

  johndrew 13:39 21 Jan 2007

I wish my ISP had filters that good and that I had as good a `Blocked Senders List` and `Message Rules`!!!

I avoid a lot, I`m sure, but anything bought online or memberships of sites attracts some spam.

  lisa02 14:18 21 Jan 2007

FE I'd like to prove it to you, but I wouldn't know how.

  p;3 14:21 21 Jan 2007

who is your ISP and have you opened your server to see if there is spam on it?

  lisa02 14:25 21 Jan 2007

tiscali. I just recieve my mail into outlook.

  rezeeg 14:46 21 Jan 2007

Via NTL I get very little spam, and that tends to be 'genuine' unsolicited advertising.

In my NTL 'spam box' are 100s of Viagra, porn etc. type e-mails that thankfully are stopped before reaching me.

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