Warning lights flash as economy stutters!

  Eow is nighe 18:14 01 Jul 2008

More bad news

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  [email protected] 18:55 01 Jul 2008

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Maybe privately owned Large businesses may fare better than those answerable to shareholders.
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  User-994545 21:59 01 Jul 2008

what's your point?this are getting tighter? we know.but remember,its cyclical,we've been here before.and worse,as soon as people financially overstretch the economy it starts complaining.this is a warning for the future.don't get to complacement

  Forum Editor 23:48 01 Jul 2008

of continually harping on about how bad things are. If they're bad we'll all know about it, we don't need a slew of so-called financial experts to tell us.

Our economy has been in far worse shape than this in the past, and we survived. We'll survive this time, too, and maybe the lesson in all this is that good times tend to be followed by not such good times, and in turn the bad times tend to be followed by better times. It's a cyclical thing because we're human, and we can't get it right all of the time. People are greedy by nature - give us ten and we're happy for a while, but then we want fifteen. Once we've got fifteen we want twenty, and the thought of going back to fifteen fills us with dread, although we were once happy with ten.

We'll be just fine - we simply need to put our heads down and work our way out of the problem instead of endlessly probing it with our tongues to see if it still hurts.

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