Warning Of Heavy Snow

  whatustaring@ 17:19 15 Mar 2007

OMG just when we all thought summer was about to start sowing this has been anounced...

click here

  GEEKSTA 17:21 15 Mar 2007


Cant waitt!!!

  lixdexik 17:25 15 Mar 2007

The 5 day forcast says nothing about snow.


  GEEKSTA 17:27 15 Mar 2007

yehh, ive just a look at that and seen nothing?

  beeuuem 17:34 15 Mar 2007
  Monument 17:38 15 Mar 2007

Must be as a result of global cooling.

  citadel 17:41 15 Mar 2007

I have just removed the snow related items from the shop floor and put the barbecues out.

  octal 18:05 15 Mar 2007

The wife says "na that won't happen" of course I believe her.

  Stuartli 18:27 15 Mar 2007

I always through that snow comprised very light flakes...:-)

  Forum Editor 18:30 15 Mar 2007

Indeed, but add billions of them together and you do indeed get heavy snow - once when I was in Canada I met someone who told me his house roof had collapsed under the weight of a particularly heavy fall the previous winter.

  Bingalau 18:37 15 Mar 2007


It was mentioned on one weather forecast this morning so if it wasn't the BBC it must have been on Sky. A Young lady said it would rain from mid-day today and that would be with us until Sunday when there would be heavy snow..

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