warning against using Twitter

  Seth Haniel 14:36 21 Sep 2010

click here

Simply being logged into Twitter and viewing these pages could mean that your own Twitter account could be hacked," said Mr Cluley.

Until the flaw is fixed, users should use a third-party Twitter client - such as TweetDeck - rather than the Twitter.com website

  interzone55 15:11 21 Sep 2010

Or avoid twitter entirely and get some real friends...

  babybell 16:34 21 Sep 2010

We were hit by it today, all I did was click "home" and it started posting tweets on my account. The guy who did it is actually on Twitter and was posting messages days before to his followers saying "remember to block this address if you don't to get targetted"


alan14: Twitter is primarily used by companies, sporting organisations etc to keep lots of people informed of developments. Our Rugby clubs uses it to tell people instantly of fixtures changes and events. Its rarely used to have conversations with "friends"

  Forum Editor 17:03 21 Sep 2010

"Twitter is primarily used by companies, sporting organisations etc to keep lots of people informed of developments."

Errmm... I think not. From the Twitter website:-

"Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages."

  interzone55 08:46 22 Sep 2010

Yes, I admit it has it's uses for that, but from friends who use it Twitter seems to be primarily used to stalk celebrities...

  babybell 09:08 22 Sep 2010

That may be their mission statement, but they are bound to say that aren't they? After using it for a year on almost a daily basis, I rarely see people holding conversations, purely because Facebook is a better social medium for that sort of thing.

Companies, television stations, radio stations and celebrities seem to have the best use of Twitter by advertising new products/programmes.

And as alan14 says, any individual that does use Twitter only use it to stalk their favourite celebs, but there is very little two way conversations taking place.

  jakimo 11:44 22 Sep 2010

There have been warnings from numerous sources over the last year about the downside of having a twitter account

  ella33 23:06 23 Sep 2010

I can't read this because there are no x on the adverts, so they are covering the posts.

I do use twitter, only recently but mainly read tweets or send occasional message. Advertisers obviously scan to find people's interests and you find they ask you to sign up with something, say a sport for tweets. I just ignore the advert requests.

  paul€ 23:10 23 Sep 2010

I think I need a wider screen.

Never have, never will use twitter.

  octal 06:02 24 Sep 2010

I would love to read this thread, but this is all I'm getting click here

  wiz-king 06:27 24 Sep 2010

Seth Haniel's link to click here has caused the problem.

Perhaps he should have tweeted it! *grin*

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