jimv7 13:30 06 Jun 2006

Just been sent this.......

IMPORTANT NOTICE from The Department of Transport to all motorists :-

As from 1st June 2006, in order to assist with identification, all drivers
with poor ability and/or low IQ are required to display a warning for the
benefit of other motorists. The warning shall be a flag ( consisting of a red cross on a white background ) flown from the top of at least one door of their vehicle. Drivers of exceptionally low ability or IQ are required to
fly more than one flag.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:48 06 Jun 2006

'done to death'...but spot on.


  Mr Mistoffelees 14:52 06 Jun 2006


  Jackcoms 15:33 06 Jun 2006

That should read "as of 1st June 2002".

This was around during the last World Cup (and probably the one before that).

  The Spires 18:37 06 Jun 2006

The strange thing is that in worryingly true.

  Forum Editor 18:51 06 Jun 2006

if ever there was one.

I hereby declare that we will delete any posts which contain comments that may offend football lovers or those who can't stand the game.

The World Cup competition is about to begin - let's try to see it through in an adult fashion, without bickering or deliberately goading one another.

We'll then have Wimbledon - ditto to that. Ditto to cricket.

  ade.h 19:23 06 Jun 2006

I'll try to say this without criticising football itself, then.

The thing that gets people more critical about football is its profile and its use in marketing. You can't watch TV for more than a few minutes without seeing either a trailer for a football game or an advert that uses the World Cup/Euro 2*** or whatever as part of its promotion. It does get a bit much, you'd have to admit, when we have an advert for an England flag ironing board cover, or the large number of products that sponsor the event (credit cards, soft drinks, beer and so on). No other sporting event - even the Olympic Games - suffers to this degree at the hands of marketing men, and that, I think, contributes hugely to the polarised opinion that the World Cup generates, because it is almost impossible to ignore it without turning away from virtually all forms of mainstream media. That's why those who dislike it (myself included) can get fed up with it.

  PUNKA 21:57 06 Jun 2006

I would like to add just this one comment,the World cup and many other sporting events provide a very profitable source of Income for not only mine but many other companies in the U.K.as long as these provide jobs be it flag making,brewing or car stickers then long may it continue.Just out of Interest Gandalf is there anything you do like :-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:57 06 Jun 2006

'Just out of Interest Gandalf is there anything you do like :-)'...Lynmouth Music Festival ;-))))


  wee eddie 23:31 06 Jun 2006

I quite fancy Rio Ferdinand's, or whatever his name is, Salary

  wolfie3000 00:45 07 Jun 2006

Professional gamers dont get paid much either and need sponsorship deals just to be able to play.

Let alone any flags made for there countries.

Millions of people play games but dont know its a sport.

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