Wanting to invest in shares..??

  Nibblerman 13:59 17 Aug 2007

We have some spare cash & we are looking to invest in shares can anyone give any sound advice as there is so many companies we can invest in but who's the best..??

  MichelleC 14:19 17 Aug 2007

Maybe I'm wrong, but to give advice on how to invest your money in a financial market such as this could be a foolhardy thing to do. What if the advice was wrong and you lost?

My advice would be to study the market for a while which you can do online, then take the plunge a little at a time. Usually this type of investment is long-time not short-time.

  Clapton is God 14:34 17 Aug 2007

Or invest in Shares ISAs to spread your risk across a number of companies.

Have a look here click here and here click here to get some ideas first.

However, as MichelleC says, with the markets as volatile as they are at the moment, this is probably NOT a good time to buy.

  wee eddie 14:59 17 Aug 2007

Among other things your Stock has to rise sufficiently in value to cover the Cost of Dealing (this is not pennies ~ Buying and Selling)

The Stock Exchange has recently fallen, it could fall more, on the other hand this could be a good time to buy.

If you can't afford to loose it, put it somewhere safe, the Companies (known as Blue Chip) are usually a safe bet.

Everybody needs an Income, so when you take advice remember this, even if the word "Free" is bandied about there's still the Advisor's Salary to find.

Your Bank will offer a Nominee Service (you will need one if you haven't already got one) and advice, which as you're already a Customer will probably be low Cost and fairly unimaginative but Safe.

As an Ex-Jobber, my investments are spread over a variety of mediums as things can become worth less as well as more.

  johndrew 15:32 17 Aug 2007

It may cost a few bob, but speaking to an Independent Financial Adviser ( I stress the `Independent`) would be wise as then all your wants and needs can be taken into consideration as part of a discussion. I don`t think, with the best will in the world, the advice here would be as good as your full circumstances, attitude and other factors are unknown - and should remain that way.

  Si_L 15:57 17 Aug 2007

I was told by my Computing teacher at college that he has a friend who works at Microsoft. When it was a relatively small company, employees were given either a pay rise or shares in the company once as a bonus. He is now a multi-millionaire because he took the shares.

Just a relevant but useless story I remembered....

  Clapton is God 17:20 17 Aug 2007

And what did Bill take - the pay rise or the shares??

  Si_L 17:30 17 Aug 2007


  Forum Editor 17:36 17 Aug 2007

this is one subject on which we can't offer any advice. Investment advice is regulated by law, and nobody here is qualified to offer that kind of service via our site.

  Diemmess 17:45 17 Aug 2007

The best IFA to my mind is the one who charges an agreed fee for the services, and crucially never actually handles your money.
One I know, deducts any commision which he may receive from the fees you agreed.

These firms will start by establishing your needs, wishes, and intentions and from that will set up a portfolio which will probably achieve your aims as a long term thing, recommending changes as the need occurs.

The setting up is expensive and the subsequent charges moderate, and the whole thing only worthwhile if you have a retirement lump sum and other capital to invest.

Otherwise, for ordinary mortals it is a building society or even National Savings over a 5 yr period if you want safety rather than excitement.
All eggs in one basket is never a good idea!

  4gig 17:52 17 Aug 2007


Take that Alan Sugar, where millions of people think that this one time beetroot boiler is a business genius.

But while he has made hundreds of millions of pounds for himself just look at the dire state and share price of his ex or current companies - Amstrad,Viglen and Tottenham Hotspur.

And let's not overlook that he can't understand why the 'e-mailer' phone has still not taken off yet.
Someone should tell him that his targeted audience for this piece of junk ,namely the oldies, can now quite easily use a pc and the internet.

Just watch now how many companies will soon compulsory buy-back their own shares,after a price slump, from the millions of small private share holders.

It just another form of a poker room which uses a hacked dealer.

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