Want to stop/discourage illegal PC file sharing?

  GaT7 00:21 04 Oct 2005

then this tool can help.

It's a free program called Digital File Check (DFC).

For more info & download click here.

READ DFC FAQs click here.

A few extracts (from the first link):

"Music fans who want be safe and legal on the internet are today offered a new freely-available software programme that will help them stop their computer being used for illegal file-swapping of copyrighted music and movies."

"DFC is an initiative tool aimed at all computer users, as well as organisations. It could be especially useful for parents who want to encourage their children to enjoy music responsibly on the internet. It is free, voluntary and for private use only and does not tip-off any anti-piracy organisations."

DFC Press release: click here.

FE please move to relevant forum if applicable. Apologies if already posted. G

  Yoda Knight 13:38 04 Oct 2005

Who made you the Thought Police ?

  Taran 15:11 04 Oct 2005

In the interests of maintaining the right of free speech, anyone who happens to be against copyright theft (I myself am proudly included in that group) and any related issues is free to post to that effect and offer interesting and relevant links in this forum.

In an environment where parents run very real risks in answering for their children's behaviour, where an 'ignorance is no excuse' attitude is finally starting to make itself felt, and where the cost to businesses from all angles is rapidly becoming difficult to judge (the numbers are so huge) links to a bit of supporting information for those interested in staying on the right side of the law hardly warrant the title of "thought police".

Nice links by the way Crossbow7

  Forum Editor 15:13 04 Oct 2005

That's a prime example of the kind of response we can do without in a thread like this. If you have something to contribute by all means go ahead - we're all waiting to read what you think - but if all you have to offer is a remark like the one in your post above, it might be best to remain silent.

  Yoda Knight 15:46 04 Oct 2005

If I or anyone else wishes to use technology that is available to us, then that decision should rest with us. If it is a breach of any legislation then the onus would rest with the user. It is not for anyone else to dictate as to what is right or wrong on this matter or any other matter. I dont promote file sharing, but I have had enough of being preached at by the revered few regarding this issue.

Get over it - you are not changing anyones' opinion on using it ! If you want to be bossy, have children !

FE, this was originally posted with the purpose of eliciting a response, and one was given. Instead of posting back with vague threats and encouraging your opinion by criticising posts to the contrary, why not just ban this topic altogether ? It has become boring and has been discussed to death ! Maybe then the little clique of Do-Gooders would get off their high horses and get on with other topics and advising on PC related issues.

  Forum Editor 15:56 04 Oct 2005

So you didn't take in a word of what I said then?

If you want to adopt a contentious attitude, go and do so in some other forum, not here. You're wildly overreacting to something that is of general interest, and if you're tired of being preached at why don't you just remain silent? Say nothing, and you can't be preached at can you?

As for my vague threats - I don't see any in my post, you're overreacting again. This is a PC-related issue, in fact it wouldn't exist without PCs, so it fits the bill as far as I'm concerned. I can understand that you might be irritated by what others have to say, but try to see that this is a debateable subject, and one which isn't going to go away. Join the debate in a civilised fashion or don't join in - the choice is really yours to make. No more silly comments about being bossy and having children please - let's have an adult discussion.

  Yoda Knight 16:24 04 Oct 2005

You obviously just skimmed through what I have written... My point is that this is no longer a debateable subject, all points have been raised and are now being re-hashed over and over again. It has boiled down to some people trying to force their view on everybody else. I didnt say it was not pc related, I said it was boring and has been discussed to death.

As for silly comments..."if you're tired of being preached at why don't you just remain silent?" - how exactly is that going to stop the preaching ??? You can not get a result by remaining silent. If I take exception to what is being said, as part of a discussion, I feel I have a right to say so.

Given, maybe my first comment could have been worded better, but I stand by the rest. End of.

  bosmere 16:28 04 Oct 2005

FE why didn't you pull Yoda Knights posting if you didn't like it and have a word with him in private instead of entering into open conflict.

After all, that's the approach you've advocated in many other threads - or are you trying to highlight once again how omnipotent you are?

Thanks Crossbow7, very interesting links.

  Confab 16:47 04 Oct 2005

This is not a "free for all forum" but it is a free forum. We are governed by the FE and the forum rules. It's somewhere where we should be able to post information that we feel may be of use to other forum members. It's not a place for silly comments. It's very simple if you don't like it here then find one you do like.

I'm sure the FE will deal with this.

  Forum Editor 16:48 04 Oct 2005

What I'm trying to do is have an open discussion, and perhaps you might do well to recall that I didn't initiate this 'conflict' as you call it. If I delete posts like the original one from Yoda Knight I get nasty emails from other people telling me that I should resolve such matters in the open. If I try to resolve matters in the open I get people like you trying to provoke the situation with personal comments about me.

I don't need to highlight the fact that I'm omnipotent when it comes to editing the site - I'm used to it after all these years.

I'm sure that Yoda Knight is quite capapble of looking after his/her end of the matter without unsolicited help from you.

  Forum Editor 16:53 04 Oct 2005

You are perfectly entitled to air your views here - as is everyone else - but you must do so in a civilised manner. Referring to people as "Thought police" and telling them to have children if they want to be bossy isn't civilised - it's offensive and unnecessary, and we're not going to tolerate it.

Nobody's trying to force their view on you, but understand that others will have opposing views and have the same right to express them, whether you think it boring or not. If you're bored by the subject, say so politely and leave it there.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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