Want a mortgage, Finger Prints Please!!!

  zimzala 15:59 14 Jan 2007

Another story I thought you might find interesting.....

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Care to yas

  lisa02 16:07 14 Jan 2007

Last year I renewed my passport in time to avoid the new changes et al. I'll worry about it in 2016.

  spuds 17:08 14 Jan 2007

I remember the days when credit cards first came into being, here in the UK. A number of stores, including Comet use to take your photograph with a Polaroid camera, before handing over the goods after a credit card transaction.:O(

  Zero G 17:13 14 Jan 2007

It's all to do with money laundering & to stop fraud.
As for the ID cards if you dont like the idea dont vote for those who do!

  zimzala 19:32 14 Jan 2007

I think the point of the story was they are going to start asking for our fingerprints before we can have a mortgage..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:37 14 Jan 2007

Wouldn't bother me and if it prevents fraud I applaud it.


  Forum Editor 21:53 14 Jan 2007

anyone should be worried by attempts to establish identities these days.

Surely it can only be a good thing if government agencies and commercial organisations go to great lengths to make sure you are who you say you are before they allow you to enter the country, obtain financial benefits, obtain a loan, etc., etc?

Fraud is rife, and all law-abiding people should be interested in any new measures that are designed to protect them.

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