Wan't a free fuel for you Holiday's?

  peter99co 23:35 26 Aug 2008

This lot have saved £300 on their trip

click here

  Brumas 23:43 26 Aug 2008

If someone had forecast this 10-20 years ago we would have thought they were barking mad, as it is we are the ones that are mad paying 109 pence for a litre of un-leaded petrol!

  peter99co 23:45 26 Aug 2008

Can you believe they intend to fly and use old plastic bags for fuel?

  crosstrainer 07:09 27 Aug 2008

Where are you getting your fuel for £1.09? Best I can manage is around £1.18....And diesel for the company vehicles was recently as high as £1.28!

  BT 07:47 27 Aug 2008

Unleaded is 109p at most outlets here in Norwich.

  Quickbeam 07:56 27 Aug 2008

I notice that they didn't use a new car. If you have a deep fat fryer at home, all that build up of gummy crud you get on the basket will soon gum up the valves and pump... A very expensive mistake.

Thats why fuel processes are so complex, and why they refine it so finely for road use.

Isn't there someone from petro/chemicals on here.

  Picklefactory 08:01 27 Aug 2008

Is it legal to make your own bio-diesel? I looked at that out of curiosity, a while ago. It's a bit complicated and you need a few chemicals that need to be stored/handled carefully, but didn't look like rocket science. Not sure it would be successful en masse though, as if enough people started using cooking oil, government would soon slap a huge tax on it anyway.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:35 27 Aug 2008

"Is it legal to make your own bio-diesel?"

Perfectly legal, but you do need to inform Customs and Excise and pay the appropriate duty to use it as road fuel. Still much cheaper than diesel though once you recoup the cost of the equipment needed to refine it for the car.

  Brumas 09:02 27 Aug 2008

Morrisons - trouble is Fran just cannot resist 'just a quick check' which ends up, up and down every aisle - the resultant bill just takes the edges off it a wee bit ;o)

  Bingalau 09:59 27 Aug 2008

crosstrainer. Click below..

click here

  crosstrainer 10:07 27 Aug 2008

:) Sadly, the trip to my nearest Morrisons would negate any saving on the fuel :(

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