WhiteTruckMan 17:55 13 Jul 2012

Another walter exposed What is it with these guys? (It usually is guys) I'm neither angered nor saddened by these types. Merely slightly bemused. Because as the years go by I seem to be less and less inclined to discuss my service. It's not that I'm ashamed or have anything to hide, quite the opposite.

But I just dont like talking about it, for reasons that I cant fully explain even to myself.

So thats why I cant seem to understand these guys, which I believe the Americans in a rare moment of what I find genuinely funny call walters, after the character walter mitty.

Anyone else got any thoughts on the matter?


  carver 18:17 13 Jul 2012

Actually I find them very sad people and feel sorry for them, why any one feels the need to have a pack of lies as a front to their own life is beyond me.

I'm happy with my life and I may not be famous but I'm happy with what I have and I do not feel a need to impress any body about me as a person.

  daz60 18:19 13 Jul 2012

I initially thought this was going to be another politician thread given their "Walter" like habit of prefacing their name with 'Right Honourable' but the only punishment for these deluded individuals is psychiatric not imprisonment.

  wee eddie 21:56 13 Jul 2012

Walter Mitty could well be shortened to WTM!

  WhiteTruckMan 22:08 13 Jul 2012

wee eddie:

Yes it could, but lets not go there shall we? I'm a put up or shut up kind of guy, as I showed when I put up at the last general election.


  Condom 23:14 13 Jul 2012

I've met a few of them overseas but most of the army ones you could catch out quite simply with a couple of general remarks that they didn't know the answers to. I tend just to smile and let them think I'm convinced and leave it at that.

Don't ask me why they do it, maybe they feel their lives are incomplete or unfulfilled and most probably don't do any harm.

It certainly isn't a money thing.

  ams4127 23:22 13 Jul 2012

I've found that if you go to Thailand, sit in a bar and watch the younger British blokes chatting up the local girls, it's quite amazing how many of them have served in the SAS.

I just laugh and have another beer!

  Forum Editor 23:48 13 Jul 2012

I think some people get sucked into this kind of situation. They start with a little lie, and then a slightly bigger one, and before long they realise they can't retreat from it without exposing their deception and looking very silly indeed, so they carry on.

It's sad, yes, but usually it harms nobody except the deceiver.

  SparkyJack 14:40 14 Jul 2012

I have often noticed that if attending a formal occasion on holiday - a cruise say on a formal evening many of our cousins from over the pond will wear miniature ribbon sets on their 'tuxes'

I guess it is a sort of pride for then to make us aware that they have done their bit for freedom

Whereas Brits as conscripts/National Service in the main seem to say under their breath- yeah me too- now move on will you'

  bremner 15:41 14 Jul 2012

Sparky Jack

Generally I find the USA has a very different attitude to its veterans than the UK. Even Vietnam Vets are now embraced with all others.

Vets and serving members of their forces are afforded many financial concessions and are seen as people who have done something positive for their country. They are positively encouraged to display their service hence the wearing of ribbons and medals.

Here we seem to remember them once a year by buying a poppy and that is it. One thing you would never see in the US is a coffee shop banning those wearing a uniform.

  Woolwell 16:14 14 Jul 2012

The wearing of miniature medals depends on how formal the dinner is and what the dress description states eg black tie with miniatures. My single miniature looks a bit lonely compared to US medals and nowadays UK medals. The UK medal situation just shows sadly how frequent we have been in combat in recent years with new campaign medals. Before that Borneo, NI, Radfan, etc were awarded as clasps on the General Service Medal.

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