Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  gengiscant 09:38 01 Dec 2010

I took this picture as I wandered round to the newsagents to get a paper that was not there. Delivery vehicles are toiling to get through.
The view is down to the main road on which the buses are still running.
Oh and its Edinburgh by the way.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

I thought I might throw a snowball,haven't done that so far, but the snow was rubbish for compacting into a snowball. It was like the very fine polystyrene balls that you get as packing material. Strange. Well strange to me, but no doubt someone here can expand my knowledge of snow. Not that I have much. So far I know that its white,its cold and it falls from the sky and kids used to make men out of it.Oh yes and it seems to cause chaos in this country.
By the way how is global warming doing these days?

  Armchair 10:05 01 Dec 2010

I actually do enjoy walking in the snow. I sufer from lower back pain, and I find that a couple of hours a day walking on an uneven surface like this does it a world of good.

I would beware of the global warming debate. They'll tell you it's supposed to get colder or something.

  Al94 10:22 01 Dec 2010

I have the same problem Armchair, the reason it's doing you good is that you are "switching on" muscles that have got lazy. Have you tried Pilates - it worked wonders for my lower back pain.

  cocteau48 10:24 01 Dec 2010

The end of the world is nigh!...... it's snowing in Surbiton for heavens sake!!!

Funny how it suddenly becomes the top news item as soon as the SE is affected.

  Armchair 10:30 01 Dec 2010

No, I haven't, Al94. I tend to sit around a lot these days, which probably doesn't help matters. I was given an exercise sheet by a physiotherapist a few years ago, but I didn't stick at it.

Have you tried 'inversion therapy' (ie hanging upside down). Some geezer I was talking to reckoned it helps the pain caused by a slipped disc he suffered.

  cocteau48 10:52 01 Dec 2010

I have suffered from lower back problems,at least one ruptured disk, for years. Last Christmas my wife treated me to a couple of visits to a chiropractor.

I went full of skepticism but not only did he straighten me out,quite literally, he gave me the best bit of advice I have ever had.

Stay away from any form of heat treatment. It may give temporary relief but is only going to inflame the affected area. An ice pack applied for 10 minutes every hour or so works wonders. Not only does the freezing give temporary relief but it is the reaction of the body after you remove the pack which has the long term benefits.

  gengiscant 11:21 01 Dec 2010

"I think what we had last night was more an ice storm than snow. Small hard pellets rather than fluffy flakes."

Nope, they are certainly not hard, as I said in OP very like polystyrene balls. Oh and by the way this polystyrene ball like snow is falling as I type.
Just came back from getting the paper and its coming down big time.

  Al94 12:15 01 Dec 2010

This mother wasn't too happy! click here#!

  spuds 12:17 01 Dec 2010

When I saw the title, I thought about our local newspaper who printed a number of winter photographs yesterday, that had been taken by some of their readers.

It is suprising how a little bit of snow or frost can change a whole area of a perhaps previously dull scene. Even our local wooden foot-bridge over the river looks a scene of sheer delight. And even the dog's heads sticking out of a snow pile, is a delight to see!.

  lucky1 15:32 01 Dec 2010

Geniscant - I know that street!!

  Bapou 15:40 01 Dec 2010

They were hard enough to make one hell of a racket on our conservatory roof.

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