Walking Boots and Shoes

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:31 27 Jun 2013

We got ourselves a six-month old Jack Russell last November, mainly to get me out doing some exercise. My mental health problems mean I am very difficult to motivate to do things, often much to my partner's frustration. A dog was her idea to get me out. she has bad knees but, the dog must be taken out and it works!

There is a problem though, footwear, choice of. I wore out a pair of cheap, Hi-Tec, boots, very quickly. They were thoroughly knackered after three months. Then wore out a pair of trainers even quicker. Following this I bought a pair of Merrel walking shoes, with Vibram soles, expecting them to be longer lasting and more comfortable. They have the comfort and support thing licked, infact they are excellent in that respect but, these too seem to be wearing fast.

So, can anyone recommend a walking boot that is comfortable and well cushioned, durable and costs no more than around £80 to £90 please? I've always been a bot hard on my shoes but, there must be something that will last longer other than high-end boots that cost double my budget, even on Amazon.

  Aitchbee 20:54 27 Jun 2013

Charity shops [where else?] are a good place to start looking for cheap hard-wearing footwear.

  Nontek 21:03 27 Jun 2013

Desert Boots

Good enough for the guys/gals in Middle East ....

  Forum Editor 21:22 27 Jun 2013

These are what I wear for country walking. I've had mine a while, and can honestly say that they show very little sign of wear. They're extremely comfortable, and not that much over your budget.

  Aitchbee 22:04 27 Jun 2013

A horse called Act Your Shoe Size won at Hamilton this evening ... [that makes me almost a teenager; beggin' your pardon, Mr Mistoffelees, for includin' that important info.]

  bumpkin 22:19 27 Jun 2013

It depends on how far you walk and on what terrain. I just wear Reebok trainers which are comfortable, last and not very expensive.

  spuds 00:36 28 Jun 2013

Choosing the correct walking boot or shoe can be a difficult task, because it would all depend on usage and where that usage mainly takes place. Hawkins use to be a very popular brand, but Karrimor, Merrel, Brasher and a few more well known names are more available nowadays, and places like Sports Direct might now have the monopoly on these brands, supply, import and manufacture.

If its for pavement and park walking in general, have you considered Doc Martens.

Like most things nowadays, the boot and shoe industry including the specialist walking items, are in the main manufactured in the Far East or China.

If you do decide to purchase, then go to a specialist store for advice and a fitting. Buying on-line might not always give the same results. but having said that, Sports Direct does give a very good usually next day delivery, returns might be another thing?.

  Dragon_Heart 04:09 28 Jun 2013

You are walking too close to the ground !

I too have the same sort of problem and I was told it was the way I walked !

As a teen I used to have Blakey’s Segs but as you get older and need to use petrol stations I gave them up.

Have you tried Meindl walking boots ?

  fourm member 08:16 28 Jun 2013

Not lasting long needn't be a problem.

If £25 trainers last half as long as £60 walking boots they are the cheaper choice.

  Quickbeam 08:28 28 Jun 2013

"I've always been a bit hard on my shoes"

From the way you describe your boot wear, I doubt that any boots will do better whatever the cost, so there isn't much point in buying better than budget and binning them when done. 4 pairs of 25 quid boots in a year is better than 1 pair of £180 boots that you wear beyond their comfortable life because you spent a lot on them!

I've bought boots of all types since I left school in '72. Leather or fabric. High end or low end. Proprietary or unbranded. Expensive or cheap. The average life of them all sees me one season out with wearing them almost every day, there's not much to choose between them.

The most likely boot I buy is now a breathable Gortex type fabric one because leather needs almost daily maintenance with waxing and careful drying to avoid cracking and needs to be broken in for a few hours before you dare to go on the moors for a day. I always buy boots with loose D rings for the laces as holes or rigid lace hooks wear laces out in a week with me. With that criteria in mind, £80/100 in the outdoor shop sales, sees me with a years boot wear.

  BT 08:39 28 Jun 2013

You might consider some safety footwear.There are some very nice designs available now, and they are usually very hard wearing and comfortable because of their intended purpose. I wore safety boots for many years and always found them comfortable, and never succeeded in actually wearing out the soles. It was usually the tops that gave out first, mainly due to the contamination from the working environment.

Safety footware

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