Walkers Crisp's HOW do they do that..?

  charmingman 13:37 03 Sep 2008

I was on my desktop with "NO" browser open just the basic desktop & nothing running in the background then i had a video of Gary Lineker come up from Walkers Crisp..? how do they do that & if they can does this mean other companies can possibly gain access to your files..?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:42 03 Sep 2008

Nobody has access to your files, the advert is sent to your IP address (probably from a cookie stored in your temp files) which is broadcast all over the shop and has to be for you to receive web pages. Chill and forget it.


  Picklefactory 15:59 03 Sep 2008

That would intrigue me too, how can a web based advert pop up on your desktop without there being an open internet connection through a browser. I didn't know that was possible. Am I missing something here?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:01 03 Sep 2008

If you have a router the connection will be on all the time.


  GRIDD 16:04 03 Sep 2008

Broadband is an 'always on' connection.

  Picklefactory 16:19 03 Sep 2008

"Broadband is an 'always on' connection."
I understand that the router is always connected, but I was kinda under the impression that the browser sort of worked like a gateway. Can internet items still function on my pc without a browser running?

  Clapton is God 16:24 03 Sep 2008

"Broadband is an 'always on' connection".

No it isn't.

I always disconnect my BB whenever I'm away from the PC for more than a few minutes.

  Forum Editor 17:00 03 Sep 2008

I think you'll find you're in a minority. All my computers are connected to a router that is connected to the internet all the time. I had a long talk with a BT technical person some time ago, and she said that it was best to leave the router permanently switched on.

I used to turn my routers off at night, but now they're on 24 hours a day.

  egapup 17:19 03 Sep 2008

Yeah but what about the electric bill and the damage to the enviroment.

  rossgolf 17:30 03 Sep 2008

ye i turn mine off at night,
but if you leave it on 24/7 then do you see an increase in the bills etc...?
what is the risk of turning it off?

  lotvic 18:13 03 Sep 2008

""Can internet items still function on my pc without a browser running?""


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