walk or ride?

  v1asco 14:18 11 Oct 2006

Considering getting an exercise machine. Which is better, bike or treadmill?
Also what should I look for in both?



  Mr Mistoffelees 14:29 11 Oct 2006

Cycling would be a better all-round exercise, its considered second only to swimming. Also with cycling you get to see and smell the countryside. If you are going to get a machine to cycle in the home a bike would still be preferable, not just because cycling is better exercise but because you won't be pounding your knees, hips and lower back.

  Jackcoms 15:29 11 Oct 2006

What's wrong with brisk walking?

My daughters are members of a local gym and it never fails to amaze me how many adults DRIVE to the gym so that they can then WALK on a treadmill!!

  dukeboxhero 15:38 11 Oct 2006

only thing about exersise bikes is it will end up as a cloths horse the handle bars are real handy for trousers so i think it would be treadmill for me thats if i can be bothered gettin of this chair

  g0slp 15:52 11 Oct 2006

Nordic type machine?

That's the one that simulates cross-country skiing. I'm told that it's good for upper & lower body.

(Sounds too much like hard work to me!)

  def90csw 16:17 11 Oct 2006

Concept2 rowers as used by the best, more at click here or try Nordic @ click here but bith their machines are expensive!

  amonra 16:24 11 Oct 2006

Jackcoms, Dead right. Why pay a fortune to exercise your legs, go walking.
I had a try of an exercise machine once, I've never been so bored in all my life ! Tried wearing my Walkman to relieve the boredom but no good, had to get off and go for a stroll in the fresh air.

  €dstowe 16:34 11 Oct 2006

If you're anything like most people who buy these exercise devices, once the novelty has worn off, it will sit in a corner gathering dust. This may take a day, a week or a month but it will happen.

Do as others have suggested and exercise properly. Walk, jog or run. Go swimming. Cycle. Play tennis or another ball game but don't waste your money on these machines - they are completely unnecessary.

  it_girl 16:40 11 Oct 2006

It's very hard to keep an interest in keeping fit at home.
Joining a club means you pick up all the bugs in that smelly and sweaty environment.I used to be a member of a fitness club but I ended up socialising and drinking too much after training.

Training by cycling and jogging in polluted cities must be doing more harm than good to your health.

Yes walking and swimming is great.Doing a physical job maybe the best solution but we can't all choose this option.

  namtas 17:04 11 Oct 2006

If you have open access away from heavy traffic, then cycle, find a cycle track or a recommended cycle road, but you need a decent bike to enjoy it.

The one problem with cycling, the further you travel out from home the further you have to go to get back.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:44 11 Oct 2006

"The one problem with cycling, the further you travel out from home the further you have to go to get back."

And the more you get to see of the countryside. I'm biased, I used to race!

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