Wales - Greatest Holiday Spot EVER?..Discuss..

  DANZIG 23:19 01 Sep 2007

Just got back from a two week holiday. First week in Spain with the family.

Followed by a roadside motel with just the missus, then a few days in Wales.

Wales is fantastic. The Gower peninsula is stunning. Brecon Beacons - gorgeous.

What more can you want from a country?

...and I LOVE the accent!

  rdave13 23:34 01 Sep 2007

Tut, tut. You were south of the country. True in Wales but not in ..err.. how shall I put it.. ahh yes, in the proper Welsh speaking community. Hmm, even that sounds wrong. North Wales, however, which has a mountain (3,000 feet or over) has more Welsh speakers and we're much more trible than our southern cousins we affectionately call 'hwntws'. They in turn call us affectionately (of course) erm 'gogs' of which you might have seen a cartoon of sorts on the tv?
If you want gutteral accents then pick north of the country next time. Some of the vistas are breathtaking. I'm sure our southern cousins would endorse this quite politely I think...

  DANZIG 23:50 01 Sep 2007

Northern Wales is great as well, I just find it a bit, well, grey!

Went to Anglesey last year and got a great campsite, and you're right the views are great.

Its just the journey there was dull as dishwater.

Gower every time for me

  rdave13 23:56 01 Sep 2007

Anglsey is an island. Beautiful but flat. Did you not see some hills when you went past to get to the island? Lol, only partially joking!

  Sapins 08:37 02 Sep 2007

We had who we thought were friends from North Wails, who would often start speaking Welsh in front of us, which we decided was really bad manners so we no longer call them friends, but, use some other terms which will now include gogs.

  techie4me 10:02 02 Sep 2007

I do love Wales.
Used to train long and hard over the Brecon Beacons.
And also had many a great week climbing in Snowdonia.

  Forum Editor 10:14 02 Sep 2007

coal mining community, and I lived in the North (Colwyn Bay) for a few years when I was young. It's a lovely country, but some of the people who live there are not. There's a fair bit of shoulder-chip wearing, and childish behaviour towards the English. The people who do this - fortunately a small minority - keep endlessly on about the past, and they are to be avoided.

Otherwise, you'll meet some of the friendliest people in the UK, always ready to welcome you to their beautiful country.

  v1asco 10:15 02 Sep 2007

I had friends also like that, however they always apologised for lapsing into their first language. I now work with multi-nationals that do it all the time. I am tolerant with it but insist that anything to do with work is in English. Evenwhen I am the only Brit.

but, back to the original thread

Wales - Greatest Holiday Spot EVER?..

of course it is.

Cardiff this weekend just held the yearly Mardi-Gras. This started in the Bay, which is getting more and more attractive, then in the evening the Pulse Bar held an open air concert in town. I believe it was a good time for all. My family went, I missed out because of a foot injury.

The whole South wales Coastline is scenic, with the Gower click here being the first designated Area of Natural beauty (AONB). Wales has 5 altogether.

Plenty of Nature Reserves as well.

So, please come and enjoy.

A slightly predjudiced, non-Welsh speaking Taffy.

  spuds 12:56 02 Sep 2007

Brecon Beacon- gorgeous. Cannot agree more with you,absolutely fantastic, but try living there in the winter season. Can be very harsh.

Regarding speaking Welsh in the midst of English only speakers, I generally find this is a slip of the tongue so to say. But in some Welsh communities, bit like some other language speaking communities I suppose!.

  rafa05 16:15 02 Sep 2007


glad you enjoyed your holiday in wales mate. I am from south wales and only a short drive from the gower the veiws are breath taking, the next time you holiday in wales have a look at this little gem a beach called barafundle bay it is in west wales
please have a look at the link

click here

regards....... craig

  sunny staines 17:56 02 Sep 2007


any nice costal towns to visit in west wales. Been to north and south Wales but never to the west.

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