wait till they find out Reds are tastier ;)

  Seth Haniel 08:44 29 May 2009

click here

Demand growing for squirrel pie

  Technotiger 08:53 29 May 2009

This should be in Speakers' Corner, not the Helproom!

Perhaps you should green-tick this as Resolved and then put it in Speakers' Corner instead.

  rawprawn 08:53 29 May 2009

G'day, not only that are calling for help? This is the Helproom ;))

  Sparkly 08:53 29 May 2009

To think all that feeding of them in the garden was not in vain... any suggestions what veg goes well with them???
Sunday lunch has just got a twist (lookout kids).

  Seth Haniel 10:14 29 May 2009

Pity it is man that culled the red squirrell in the first place - then we wouldn't have this dilema ;(

  User-1229748 12:14 29 May 2009

where else can you read about squirrel pie in the helproom :o)

  Seth Haniel 12:41 29 May 2009

post squirrelled its way into wrong forum ;)

  Kevscar1 13:40 29 May 2009

Seth Haniel
Stop talking nuts

  Seth Haniel 14:11 29 May 2009

They may have to start breeding grey squirrels to cope with demand ;)

  laurie53 21:00 29 May 2009

The demand might not be so great if they referred to them by their proper name, Grey American Tree Rats!

  eric_bloodaxe 21:45 29 May 2009

Yeeehaaaw! sounds good to me. I used to see reds in scotland and they are so much cuter than greys. i have a book with a couple of recipes for squirrel. It is called The Classic Game cookery by Julia Drysdale. It was mainly Germany where they seemed popular but it's good to know there is now real environmental pressure on them!! When all is said and done acorn fed pork is a delicacy why not acorn fed squirrel?

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