Voting referendum How will you vote ?

  Dragon_Heart 22:16 19 Feb 2011

Here we go yet again !

What is it ?

"The Alternative Vote - widely referred to as AV - system sees voters rank candidates in order of preference. Anyone getting more than 50% of votes in the first round in a constituency is elected as MP. If that doesn't happen, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and their second choices allocated to the remaining candidates. If one candidate then has more than 50% of the votes in this round they are elected. If not, the remaining candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and their second preferences (or third preferences if they were the second choice of someone who voted for the first candidate to be eliminated) reallocated. This continues until one candidate has 50% or more of the vote in that round. "

Recounts will be fun :-)

I had a quick look at the last election results, many MP's got considerably less than 50% or even 40% of the total votes !

It's the Lib Dems idea, who have long urged changes to the voting system and although the AV system is not their preferred choice (!), they believe it is a first step towards a fairer system. What about getting it right first time ?

My Dad used to say "who ever you vote for the government always gets in"

  rdave13 22:28 19 Feb 2011

Your Dad was right.

  OTT_B 23:26 19 Feb 2011

Assuming the referendum even goes ahead, I'd expect that the AV vote will lose - but that of course depends on the 'win' criteria.

  rdave13 23:39 19 Feb 2011


  Dragon_Heart 01:47 20 Feb 2011

...... if people understand it ?

If a referendum binding ?

  birdface 07:40 20 Feb 2011

The new way as I see it means that the Liberal Democrats have an easier chance of staying in power depending on who wins the election.
It is going to be hard for any Party to win an overal majority and so the Lib-Dems have a better chance of staying in power with whoever wins or loses the election.
Thats the way I see it but I am sure others may see it differently.

  Big L 266 07:50 20 Feb 2011


I'm lucky enough to be a postal voter but I will vote as a 'no' for the forthcoming referendum on alternative voting.

I really cannot see any point in this but our wishy-washy Liberal Democrats would like to help them win more seats in the next election.

I would like to see other referenda as such as to bring back corporal and capital punishments,or to stay or leave the European Union.Bet there would be a massive turnout for both of them if they were added into the av vote.

Big L 266

  Quickbeam 08:15 20 Feb 2011

He doesn't have to queue with the hoi polloi and share the communal joiners pencil...?

  Quickbeam 08:23 20 Feb 2011

I've never been happy with the first past the post system, so I'll vote for a change.

It may be for the best, it may not, but if we don't try we'll never know. Just as with the coalition, which is too early to send the jury out on yet, it may be just what we need to break the cycle of 'our turn, you're turn' governments with salted earth changeover tactics being used to trip up the incoming administration.

  morddwyd 08:24 20 Feb 2011

In Scotland AV has been in use for some years, albeit only in single seat LA bye elections.

Seems to work OK.

FPTP is not the best system, but it's not the worst either.

  uk-wizard 08:40 20 Feb 2011

I am a bit upset about this referendum because of it's fixation on one system. There are many other forms of voting systems click here
I would like to see two questions
A) do you want to change Y/N
B) which system [vote for Joe boxes]

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