Vote for or against Gordie..?

  charmingman 00:05 07 May 2008

Speaks for itself realy, Madame Tussauds have opened a vote on whether they should bother making a model of Gordon Brown, all is explained..

IF you vote whats the answer..?


click here

  wolfie3000 01:05 07 May 2008

I voted for yes,

Madame tussauds has a long and varied list of celebrities made into models including Jamie Oliver, Hugh Grant, Wayne Rooney and others.

I think although some may not like him Gordan Brown has been an influential figure in the uks political system and deserves to be immortalized in wax.

If it makes you feel any better in the 80S Timmy mallett was made into wax as well. :P

  Belatucadrus 01:31 07 May 2008

Pity you can't specify what section to put him in, I'd vote yes if you could put him in the Chamber of Horrors.

  laurie53 07:27 07 May 2008

Regardless of his performance as PM, he was the best Chancellor we've had for many a year, and made the UK economy one of the strongest in the world.

For this reason alone the vote should be yes.

  newman35 07:47 07 May 2008

Whilst agreeing he should be 'waxed',( he did achieve the highest office in the land) I cannot agree with the sentiments about being the best Chancellor.
Easy to forget the vast increases in 'stealth' taxes and the raids on pension funds (which will only become apparent in the future when he is gone from politics.).
Clever Chancellor, yes - because people will realise only later what he actually did to them(the perfect politician?).

  georgemac © 08:55 07 May 2008

spot on

he was a lucky chancellor, got into power as the world economy was growing and inflation was already coming under control

I remember his first budget when he whacked the tories by paying off some of the national debt with the budget surplus, and said he would be a prudent chancellor. This did not last long, back to old labour ways of huge increases in public spending, large amount of government borrowing in the good times when we should have been at least balancing the books as bad times always come - no matter what he said about days of boom and bust being gone forever.

Some areas of public spending needed increases, but we definitely have not got value for money, and something needs to be done to rein back public spending. The tax take as % of GDP cannot keep being increased. We need to have a wealth creating economy to allow us to maintain good public services.

  hssutton 08:56 07 May 2008

Best chancellor?

£600 tax on driving in the past year, Stealth tax upon stealth tax, the selling of our gold reserves at rock bottom prices, the raid on pensions funds. Not to mention the 10p tax band fiasco.

  Grey Goo 09:03 07 May 2008

He makes the Sheriff of Nottingham look a rank amateur.

  Bingalau 09:23 07 May 2008

There are plenty of other "Baddies" in there so why not? If it turns out he's a "Goodie" he can always be moved.

  Monoux 10:51 07 May 2008

For authenticity he should be depicted with his hand in a poor mans pocket.

  laurie53 20:00 07 May 2008

Sorry everybody but I stand by my comments,

There's more to being a good Chancellor than low taxes.

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