vote about microsofts plan to ban infected...

  Jwbjnwolf 12:52 11 Nov 2010

I dont know if you have heard about what microsoft is planning to do to us lot with infected pcs that are still using the web instead of sorting the prob out.
Microsoft is thing of banning infected pcs from accessing the web.
I think that it is an exellent idea as long as there is no charge as that they would be charging us for something that they should of required with the installation by default.
to find out more please see this artical on the bbc website and reply your opinion as I would enjoy to see the results
thank you for reading, and thank you even more if you reply.

  lotvic 13:16 11 Nov 2010

Link would be useful

  smartpoly 13:48 11 Nov 2010

Cannot find a BBC link but plenty if you google it.
click here
click here

  tullie 14:04 11 Nov 2010

Good idea,why?Its called the World Wide Web,not Microsofts Wide Web.

  wee eddie 14:55 11 Nov 2010

to keep your PC free of Infections.

If each European Country did this it would make Cyber Attacks more difficult. Such attacks could, of course, still be mounted from outside Europe but they would be easier to counteract.

  wiz-king 15:16 11 Nov 2010

Having had a quick read of your link there is nothing about MS banning PC's . It is sugesting that ISPs ban the users of unprotected PC's.

  smartpoly 15:26 11 Nov 2010

I read this as a Microsoft exec suggests that ISPs ban infected computers from the net. So where is it that most people go when they get infected! On the net to download a fix. It’s a bit like saying if you are ill you cannot go to a doctor.

  Terry Brown 15:35 11 Nov 2010

A much better step would be for your ISP to send you a message that xyz virus /trogan has been detected on your machine, after all everything goes through their servers,so theirs should be the first line of defence.

A free anti-virus software program may seem like a good idea, but consider how much you pay for you internet service(per annum) and the value of your computer.

Will a free solution get you the same benfits as a good pay system.

I do not think so.



  carver 15:40 11 Nov 2010

How would you define a protected PC, would it be one with basic anti virus, or a combined anti virus and fire wall, any anti virus is only as good as the person sat in front of the monitor.

If that person downloads some thing or puts an infected USB stick in that PC then you can way good-by to you MC.

  spuds 15:56 11 Nov 2010

Looks a bit like the police, policing the policed?.

I could be wrong though!.

  babybell 16:06 11 Nov 2010

I'm trying to get my head around an potential phishing scams that can come out of this idea.

People will start receiving emails saying their PC is infected (much like what happens now) but people will tend to believe it more.

But then I thought they wouldnt be able to get on the internet to read their emails if they really WERE infected, meaning that people could then instantly assume the email was a fake.

This is sure to make my fathers head explode, I've always told him to ignore emails of this nature, now they might start being genuine!

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