Volvo V40 Estate, what do you think??

  rickf 22:25 14 Oct 2010

I'm thinking of getting the above 2nd hand, anyone with experience of it? Manny thanks

  peter99co 22:31 14 Oct 2010

Drove one that had 170,000 miles on the clock. Ran the fuel gauge down a bit though.

  peter99co 22:32 14 Oct 2010

What price are you expecting to pay?

  Forum Editor 22:43 14 Oct 2010

bought new in 1998. She absolutely loved it, and drove it until 2004 or thereabouts. It was a great car, and when I drove it I was always amazed by its performance.

I think the V40 was one of Volvo's better offerings, and I know my wife missed hers for a long time after she changed cars.

  rickf 08:57 15 Oct 2010

Many thanks people. That's reassuring. I have always driven VW's and was looking for a Passat Estate and then thoiught the Volvo is cheaper and it suits my needs. It's got 79000 miles on the clock and juts over £1000.
Going to complete the deal next week.

  al's left peg 09:34 15 Oct 2010

It's a lot of car for that money with a decent low mileage. Get it serviced at a independent dealer though, because Volvo dealers will charge more for your next service than the car is worth. The timing belt if not already renewed on your future car is due for renewal at 90k so try and ensure it has been done before you buy. If not try and haggle the seller with the excuse of the cost of a replacement belt.
Good luck....Al.

  john 52 09:40 15 Oct 2010

Tried a new one out with the power shift auto diesel box and I was very impressed with it .
As the previous poster has said servicing is a bit expensive but there are some good independents about

  rickf 09:43 15 Oct 2010

The timing belt recommendation is a very useful. Many thanks

  Quickbeam 09:51 15 Oct 2010

I'd sooner haggle a price without the cambelt job being done. Then I'd have the belt kit done which includes all the pulleys with new bearings. The 2nd belt is far more likely to fail short of it's recommended life running on pulley bearings that are well past their life. Also do the water pump if it's driven on the same drive train for the same reasons. That isn't part of the kit. Then you'll get another 100,000 miles easily if it's serviced regularly.

  Forum Editor 10:24 15 Oct 2010

It has plenty of life in it yet. I agree with Quickbeam about the cambelt kit and water pump - get them done as soon as you get your hands on the car.

  Snec 10:48 15 Oct 2010

Over many decades of motoring, some years more than 55K miles, the only couple of times to have my car hit was when parked and both times by a Volvo.

Not only are these cars difficult to control at low speeds but the engineering is so poor that a fully working lightswitch remains beyond the nous of Volvo development. This also annoys the Green Mentalists as it causes the vehicles to use more fuel than they would if the lights could be switched off... they will hate you.

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