Voluntary Work

  user8 14:24 14 May 2009

Just interested if people undertake any Voluntary Work?

  Si_L 15:23 14 May 2009

I do, but I have selfish motives. Its to get experience to become a teacher.

  shellship 16:08 14 May 2009

I used to but my wife still does.

  interzone55 16:18 14 May 2009

I have done on occasions - no time at the moment though.

Also depends on what you call voluntary work - is the unpaid overtime I'm having to do because there's an overtime ban at work classed as voluntary work?

  user8 16:36 14 May 2009

No, sorry unpaid overtime is not included!

  tullie 17:11 14 May 2009

Whos got the time?

  Armchair 17:50 14 May 2009

I'm unemployed atm, and I've considered voluntary work to gain experience in retail, but I can't be bothered.

  namtas 19:15 14 May 2009

Yes, retired and now it has become almost a full time job.

  spuds 19:58 14 May 2009

Use to do it on a regular basis, but got fed up with paid employed boss's and sponger's.

Still do the occasional rare stint with dog training for the local animal rescue centre, which can be quite rewarding.

  laurie53 20:15 14 May 2009

Have done in the past (motor cycle training) but now a full time carer (which I suppose could be considered voluntary work!).

  natdoor 10:17 15 May 2009

Sorry to hear that you are currently unemployed. I do hope that you are using the extra time you get to do something that will enhance your future job prospects. What this might be would depend on your previous experience and background.

Fortunately I was never in your situation but I do believe that it is important to maintain a positive approach, rather than lapsing into lethargy. In some countries the unemployed are required to undertake some form of work in order to qualify for benefits. I trust that your "can't be bothered" remark was not meant too seriously.

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