Voice Operated Telephone

  morddwyd 14:53 31 Jul 2012

Anybody know of a totally voice operated telephone?

I don't mean a voice dialler, or an amplifier but a telephone which you can can answer solely by voice, or dial out totally by voice.

Most of the ones I've found still use a handset which has to picked up.

Something like our community alarm which can be heard, and can hear us, in any room in the house.

  caccy 15:12 31 Jul 2012

Can't you do this with some hands free mobile telephones? Not up on mobiles but I'm sure somebody will know.

  interzone55 15:27 31 Jul 2012

Many mobile phones can be set to voice control when bluetooth is turned on, so you don't need to touch the phone when dialling.

I notice that Samsung have now brought out a TV with voice control, surely there's a danger of the TV turning itself over if someone on one channel mentions another channel?

  morddwyd 15:44 31 Jul 2012

Sorry, I should have made it clear that I meant a landline.

A mobile phone is simply a cordless handset,and, like I said, there are plenty of such devices available for use with handsets.

  wiz-king 15:49 31 Jul 2012

Yup - never met one in person!

  morddwyd 16:01 31 Jul 2012

Thanks. I had looked at those, but they all come with handsets, or are simple diallers, except the one meant to operated by a dog.

  spuds 17:30 31 Jul 2012

Why not try one of the disability charities, or even your own GP/NHS practise, they might have an answer!.

  morddwyd 17:45 31 Jul 2012

They do, a community alarm, which we've had for years.

I don't want an emergency device, just something I can chat on without having to sit at a computer with a headset on!

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