spikeychris 17:25 29 Apr 2007

Depending where you look on the net and what you read in books, vivisection is either an unfortunate necessity or a pointless cruel exercise.

Opinions please.

  spuds 18:10 29 Apr 2007

Vivisection is always going to be one of those 'unsure' facts of life, depending on each persons own views and ethics.

I would regard that quite a number of experiments can now be undertaken by different methods, with perhaps better results. Perhaps destroying some animals eyesight for the sake of a woman's (or possibly fellow's) vanity, is a definite no in my books.Similar sort of experiments should be banned, if the animal suffers for no real life saving reason.

Perhaps going a little further, some of the people who are anti-vivisection, may have a genuine concern, but freeing animals into a strange environment, making death threats and causing general mayhem for their cause, can lead to great misgivings by the public at large.

  Forum Editor 18:48 29 Apr 2007

Have you got it in for hardworking Forum Editors?

The arguments for and against vivisection have raged for decades, and of course there'll be no general agreement. Those in favour say that if you don't experiment on animals you'll have to do it on humans, or forego the advance of much medical science.

Those against say that cruelty to an animal is never justified, and that the value of vivisection research is questionable, since no two types of animal ever react in quite the same way, medically.

My position is that I see no alternative to animal research, distasteful as it undoubtedly is on many occasions. Lots of people are alive today because of past experiments on animals, and it might be said that is justification enough. I believe it should only be done under very strictly controlled conditions, and never for frivolous reasons, like research into new cosmetics, for example.

  Watchful 18:49 29 Apr 2007

A pointless, cruel exercise but, as spuds says, I would not condone any violence by anti-vivisectionists.

I support the BUAV who are not militant.

  bremner 18:54 29 Apr 2007

My position is exactly the same as the FE.

It is a very unfortunate necessity in a some controlled circumstances.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:57 29 Apr 2007

Vivisection on animals, NO.

Viisection as a sentance imposed by a Judge, Yes.

or am I being to hard?

and no I'm not an animal lover.

  spikeychris 19:06 29 Apr 2007

Just thinking of you Peter my boy, keeping you on your toes encourages grey matter reproduction.

  riiverstock 19:22 29 Apr 2007

When we solve the world wars and all it's killing of innocent civilians then I may give vivisection my full attention.

Just wondering if wi-fi has been given the full lab tests menu!

Dare I mention halal or kosher meats?
Aw well the BBC did click here

  Stuartli 19:23 29 Apr 2007

There's no greater animal lover than myself but I do accept that vivisection can, when conducted properly and humanely, can confer valuable benefits.

I think the main difficulty for many people who object to it is that they subconsciously attribute human feelings to animals - that is not the case.

  Brumas 19:42 29 Apr 2007

I cannot 'get my head' around it, especially as practised on innocent animals.
Part of me agrees with Fruit Bat /\0/\ (especially on child murderers and the like) but then that would be just straying along the path of Dr.Mengeles - wouldn't it?

  DrScott 19:49 29 Apr 2007

has historically led to most of our knowlegde of physiology and pharmacology. Virtually all our understanding of vision was derived from cats, for example. Continued advances in medicine necessarily require studies on animals to ensure humans don't die or suffer horrific side effects. Much of the advances in cancer treatment stem from animal studies, for example.

One of the myths expounded by various animal rights 'leagues' is that the animals are treated cruelly. The animals are actually extremely well cared for and the labs are subject to intensive and frequent inspections. Indeed the conditions the animals live in would put many a pet owner to shame. When the animal does eventually die it is done with great care and respect - the people who work in this field have a profound respect for the animals they work with.

The cosmetic industry's use of animals on the other hand I find difficult to reconcile. To my mind it is unnecessary, though without witnessing what actually happens it is difficult to make an informed comment.

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